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May 6, 2020

Finding Savings in 2020!

This post is sponsored by Optum Perks but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Life is bonkers right now, but at the same time I feel like I'm kind of finding my way in this 'new normal'. I'm adjusting, I suppose; I've found a new hobby in gardening, I've spent whole afternoons huddled up in blanket forts playing with my toddler, I've run through sprinklers like a kid again. I've also done more adult things like reorganizing my office, sorting through and donating clothes, and I even started redoing our budget.

While redoing our budget and trying to save us some cash, I found some really interesting new ways to save - Optum Perks is one of the ways that I feel like would be valuable to almost everyone. We ALL have taken prescription meds at some point, right? I mean, we all know the costs usually associated with these medications and now... we all can use Optum Perks to save, of course - prices are subject to change over time!

What exactly is Optum Perks? From antibiotics to your daily meds, Optum Perks will help you save some cash and provide you with a prescription coupon to save on almost all FDA-approved medications, outside of your insurance plan! Not only is it amazing that you can save, it's super easy to work the website to find a coupon. All you have to do is take 3 SUPER easy steps: search for your medications, find a deal that suits you, and save when you pick up your prescription from the pharmacy! I saved so much on a prescription - a full $18!

Want to save up to 80% on your prescriptions? With no memberships, no fees, and access to almost all pharmacies (including over 64,000+ nationwide)! Speaking of pharmacies, I know we all are weary to go 'inside' a store right now - luckily you can still use the savings from Optum Perks in the drive-through pharmacy too! Just present this card & get your prescription savings!

Beyond medication savings, I've also been utilizing these different ways of finding savings:

  • I'm using our banking app to add "coupons" via our card and we've scored a few rebates that way! I've also set up a savings account and it automatically saves for us by rounding up to the nearest dollar each time we spend and inserting that in our savings account - such an easy way to make sure we are storing away some cash in this crazy time in our life.
  • Instead of paying for multiple music services we usually used in the car, we decided to cancel those and started using a piano teaching app instead. So we cut back on entertainment spending and we all are learning a new skill out of the deal too!
  • Lastly, we have officially learned to be adults and started meal planning a little better. Instead of just buying blindly and making what we have, we've started planning ahead for meals and saving on groceries by hunting for deals while shopping online!

So tell me, what have you been up to during this time of change? How have you been saving some change? I'm eager to hear how this new way of life is going for you!

March 28, 2020

Finding Joy & Giving Grace During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we all know, life has been crazy lately.

I personally am in a constant mixture of high stress and finding comfort in a "new normal", as you likely are as well.

Between hearing the news ramble on and on about statistics, to discussing it all with skeptical and also hysterical friends, to seeing startling numbers roll along on the ticker tape bottom of the screen, then following that up with personal accounts of terror (and also joy) via social media... it's all been overwhelming. I'm basically just a walking exclamation of "What... The... Eff" a majority of the time!

While I'm struggling regularly and fairly confused on what's to come, we as a family have spent the past week doing things we should have been doing all along.

We've went for walks almost daily, we've spent time running through our sprinkler in the backyard, we've played so many board games I've lost count, we've busted out the sidewalk chalk, gone on Virtual Reality field trips. We have spent true quality time together and it's been beautiful.

While taking care of our family in this way has been amazing, I've also pampered myself too! I've spoiled myself while self-quarantining with lengthy baths, I've spent more time praying than I think I have in my entire lifetime, and I've found a pace for my work that seems sustainable. I'm also going to begin journaling again and I've decided to attempt to bust out my old paint stuff to express myself there as well.

I'm not saying this Pandemic has been joyful, because that would be insensitive and frankly, I'm missing "normal", but I will say I've found some joy among the terror.

I've found moments where I sit back and admire my blessings. I've found joy in the way my daughter giggles in a wild way whenever we play a game and she is winning. I just love the way my dogs light up when they see us put on our shoes to go for a walk and I've found a real adoration for the way my husband smiles as he hands me my vitamins and espresso in the morning. I'm trying to see the glimmers of normal, I'm trying to embrace the rays of happiness while this grey cloud is looming overhead.

And with all of that said, finding comfort in a Pandemic doesn't make much sense.

Here's the thing, nothing makes sense right now. We're all learning to cope... we're all learning to just be within this new life of ours. This is our first time being in this state of mind, most of us have never faced something of this magnitude and a majority of us are just scared.

Some of us are ordered to "shelter-in-place", some of our states are free to roam, and all of us are going through something we haven't ever been through before.

No matter how you're feeling. Whether it's thankful, angry, grateful, or anxious -
give yourself some grace today, this week, and frankly, for the rest of your lifetime.

Said with love.