Finding Joy & Giving Grace During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Lauren Harmon - Saturday, March 28, 2020

As we all know, life has been crazy lately.

I personally am in a constant mixture of high stress and finding comfort in a "new normal", as you likely are as well.

Between hearing the news ramble on and on about statistics, to discussing it all with skeptical and also hysterical friends, to seeing startling numbers roll along on the ticker tape bottom of the screen, then following that up with personal accounts of terror (and also joy) via social media... it's all been overwhelming. I'm basically just a walking exclamation of "What... The... Eff" a majority of the time!

While I'm struggling regularly and fairly confused on what's to come, we as a family have spent the past week doing things we should have been doing all along.

We've went for walks almost daily, we've spent time running through our sprinkler in the backyard, we've played so many board games I've lost count, we've busted out the sidewalk chalk, gone on Virtual Reality field trips. We have spent true quality time together and it's been beautiful.

While taking care of our family in this way has been amazing, I've also pampered myself too! I've spoiled myself while self-quarantining with lengthy baths, I've spent more time praying than I think I have in my entire lifetime, and I've found a pace for my work that seems sustainable. I'm also going to begin journaling again and I've decided to attempt to bust out my old paint stuff to express myself there as well.

I'm not saying this Pandemic has been joyful, because that would be insensitive and frankly, I'm missing "normal", but I will say I've found some joy among the terror.

I've found moments where I sit back and admire my blessings. I've found joy in the way my daughter giggles in a wild way whenever we play a game and she is winning. I just love the way my dogs light up when they see us put on our shoes to go for a walk and I've found a real adoration for the way my husband smiles as he hands me my vitamins and espresso in the morning. I'm trying to see the glimmers of normal, I'm trying to embrace the rays of happiness while this grey cloud is looming overhead.

And with all of that said, finding comfort in a Pandemic doesn't make much sense.

Here's the thing, nothing makes sense right now. We're all learning to cope... we're all learning to just be within this new life of ours. This is our first time being in this state of mind, most of us have never faced something of this magnitude and a majority of us are just scared.

Some of us are ordered to "shelter-in-place", some of our states are free to roam, and all of us are going through something we haven't ever been through before.

No matter how you're feeling. Whether it's thankful, angry, grateful, or anxious -
give yourself some grace today, this week, and frankly, for the rest of your lifetime.

Said with love.

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