February 6, 2020

Creative and Cheap Valentine Inspiration: Being Your Valentine is a Piece of Cake Valentine Freebie Printable

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Getting ready for Valentine's Day last minute this year? Here's a super cute Valentine idea for anyone in your life and it's a "piece of cake" to prepare - grab this printable and a squishy from Dollar Tree (or even a cupcake from the grocery store) and leave this on your Valentine's table.

I love this cute valentine piece of cake squishy for so many reasons - I mean, it's adorable, so there's that - but it's also a great "stress reliever" and it's a clever way to remind someone you are thinking of them. It's truly a multi-functional valentine in many ways.

The best part of this little Valentine though, was The Dollar Store had so many different options! I loved that they had a million different cake squishies, that way you could give each teacher in your kiddos life one of these or even leave them on the secretaries desks at your work with THIS free printable.


If being with your Valentine is a piece of cake - then you absolutely need to give these out this year!


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