January 27, 2020

18 Fun Date Night In Ideas - Date Your Spouse Without Leaving Your House!

One thing that I've heard from many couples, that we try to follow, and I also give the advice to others is that you always need to continue to date your spouse. Don't ever lose that special spark between the two of you by always kindling that fire with fun times and special moments shared.

Dating your spouse sounds great, right? But we all know finding the time and hiring a babysitter isn't always a possibility. Here's the thing, dating doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to do anything special. It doesn't have to mean getting gussied up and going out on the town - you can date your spouse at home.

Here's 18 ways you can plan the perfect date night in:

1. Turn your living room into a cozy indoor campground and snuggle up while telling stories.

2. Create a craft night - get creative with your boo and let it flow.

3. Get boozy and have a little cocktail sampler night, trying new beverages or your old favorites.

4. Set up a picnic in the backyard during the day and spoil each other with some foods that remind ou of your first dates.

5. Have a game night and let the competition heat things up.

6. Try something new with a little taste testing of something completely new for you guys, whether that be sushi or a new take on Korean bibimbap.

7. Stargaze and make wishes on 'shooting stars' even if you don't see any.

8. Take a trip down memory lane and look at old photos or pictures.

9. 'Go to The Game' in your own home, just DVR or watch a game live and chow down on hotdogs and nachos, maybe even surprise hubs with a beer in a cup that features his favorite team if you're feeling fancy.

10. Give each other some touch therapy! Google proper massage techniques and start rubbing!

11. Let your milkshake bring your boy to the yard, make special milkshakes or smoothies and sip with your sweetie.

12. Get into some Karaoke - Sing your heart out with no judgement, just check out youtube for your favorite songs and get to groovin' to your fav tunes!

13. Have an exclusive book club meeting, grab two of the same copies of a book from the library and read it together during the week and spend your 'date night' discussing.

14. Learn more about each other, take some personality tests online and share your results.

15. Plan your next vacation together, dream up the wildest places you could visit together or actually start booking the tickets - the choice is yours, just dream big together.

16. Redo something together, whether it's painting an old piece of furniture or reorganizing the pots and pans in your cabinets - spice things up by redoing something and making it feel new.

17. Stretch it out and renew yourselves together with some Yoga fun. Whether you are seasoned yogis or you've never even attempted to stretch, be sure to give this flexibility encouraging activity a try.

18. Make it a spa night with a bath bomb, face masks, and maybe even a steam facial - pamper both of yourselves with self-care.

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