January 12, 2020

45 Healthy Coping Mechanisms - Teach Yourself & Your Child Healthy Ways to Cope

Life isn't always fair. I think we all grow up with this knowledge and yet, it's a hard lesson to learn for nearly everyone. No matter how perfect your life is, we've all dealt with set backs, disappointments, failures, and some of us have even suffered loss and trauma. Everyone has been through the "struggle" at some point, in differing measures, but we've all been effected. The thing is, some of us wear that stress and those failures for life and some of us have bounced back and live healthy productive lives. The choice is yours and it's all about how you COPE with the unfairness of life that makes the difference.

As you likely already know, "coping refers to the human behavioral process for dealing with demands, both internal and external, in situations that are perceived as threats" - according to the AlleyDog Psychology Glossary. Whether these threats are self-inflicted by our egos, or some troubling situation that has been imposed upon us by another - a threat is what we perceive as any form of stress, essentially.

Teaching ourselves and our children how to cope effectively will help us all to be a little less stressed and happier in our daily lives. While it's easier to talk the talk than walk the walk, I've compiled a list of 45 different ways you and your kiddos can learn to stress less and deal with the situation at hand in a positive and productive way, whatever that situation may be.

45 Healthy Coping Mechanisms

1. Ask for help

2. Go for a ride (or a walk)

3. Practice yoga

4. Create art

5. Practice gratitude

6. Blow bubbles

7. Listen to your favorite music

8. Use positive self talk

9. Journal

10. Hug a tree

11. Practice your sport of choice

12. Breathe deeply and mindfully

13. Eat a healthy snack

14. Drink water

15. Cuddle or play with your pooch

16. Be like Elsa & let it go

17. Smile and laugh out loud

18. Use essential oils

19. Bake something special

20. Use positive affirmations

21. Sing and dance

22. Take a nap

23. Take a shower or bath

24. Stretch

25. Learn something new

26. Read a book

27. Do something kind for the Earth

28. Look at old photos or take new ones

29. Garden

30. Visualize your happy place

31. Do a puzzle

32. Ask for a hug

33. Create origami

34. Clean something up

35. Jump around

36. Hang out in a hammock

37. Do something kind for a friend

38. Play a board game

39. Cry

40. Pray

41. Dance

42. Watch a movie

43. Lay in the sun

44. Plan something for the future

45. Scream

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