5 Million Products Donated by U by Kotex - & a BIG THANKS Because YOU Helped!

This post is sponsored by U by Kotex but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Being a girl comes with a lot of obstacles, we all know that. One that none of us should face is "period poverty".


What's that exactly? If you are a regular around here, you may have seen that I explained it last month on behalf of U by Kotex - but to summarize, ONE in FOUR women are having trouble gaining access to feminine products. Those women are missing out on life, because they don't have the items they need!


Instead of ignoring the problem U by Kotex founded The Alliance for Period Supplies and now helps women in need of products we all should have access to. They are making big strides on behalf of women and hopefully going to change the way this problem is handled. I think we all can agree, while we have tons of obstacles to face together, this is definitely one no woman should ever have to struggle with.


That's why I am so incredibly thankful for those that went out to Walmart & purchased U by Kotex products! I think we all should give ourselves a cheer, actually! (In case you need a refresher on what happened last month - U by Kotex decided for every purchase of their items, they would donate TWO U by Kotex Products to women in need. That's right, you literally helped a sister out last month while buying your preferred feminine products!

With that said, UbK & Walmart were able to donate a whopping 5 million Period Products to women in need as part of this initiative & Walmart's additional donation of $25K to the Alliance of Period Supplies was just awe-inspiring.

Interested in learning more about U by Kotex and The Alliance for Period Supplies? Find out more here & check out the UbK & Motrin offer!


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