September 25, 2017

6 Unexpected Items Every Mom of A Toddler Should Bring to The Beach

I remember the days when heading to the beach meant just putting on my swimsuit and heading out the door with a towel in my hand. Now-a-days, going to the beach practically entails packing an overnight bag.

Today I want to share 6 items you wouldn't normally think to bring to the beach... but their absolute necessities for keeping both you and baby comfortable.

1. Extra pair of your sunglasses just for baby - That's right, I said it, I'm guilty of giving in on this one. I bought D her own pair of my sunglasses for the beach. Why? So I don't have to fight her to keep mine on all the time.

2. A baby sized chair - I guess it probably doesn't surprise you, but D definitely has to have her own chair at the beach now. The independence it offers her she likes and I honestly appreciate not being coated in sand each time she wants to sit for a second. I'm sure other beachin' mamas understand what I mean.

3. Snacks for all - I bring Dannon yogurt drinks for mama and pouches and water for baby. I know others usually think of bringing sandwiches and other snacks like chips and the like to the beach, but we aren't about that life. Neither of us much care for sand in our food so literal sandwiches are a no-go here.

Instead we pack our cooler with sweet smoothie like drinks from Dannon for the adults and delicious little pouches of food and water for D. I opt for Mixed Berry flavors, D usually wants a blueberry pouch... like mother, like daughter.

Why do I chose Yogurt Drinks over other snacks? Not only are they convenient and easy to take with me to the beach (or anywhere for that matter), their also an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and protein, which contains 9 essential amino acids every body needs. With zero added sugars and 4g of fiber, I know it's a snack that I can gulp down quickly while chasing after this crazy little child with no guilt about breaking my diet.

Wanna try these delicious yogurt snacks from Light & Fit and/or Oikos? Use this Ibotta offer to get a little bit of cash back on your purchase from Walmart!

4. Variety of toys - I know, almost everyone that has kids brings sand castle building toys and a shovel or two to the beach. But this is a little PSA -do not just bring sand toys, a baby gets bored with those rather quickly.

We make sure to bring a variety of goodies for D. From her soccer ball to her favorite dolly, we let her choose what she wants to bring with us that day and it's her special job to look after it at the beach.

5. A Battery Operated Fan - While you can't bring the comfort of air conditioning with you to the beach, you can bring a breeze. Whenever D is with us, we are sure to bring our fan to keep her cool. We love this one because we can spritz her and let her feel like the little princess she is while she soaks up the sun a little.

6. Accessories - The last item on my unexpected list of beach items is certainly one of my favorites... a girl always needs accessories, especially for a day at the beach! We're always sure to bring D a cute bow to match her swimsuit. It may sound silly to you, but these precious photos are some of my favorites so I want to be sure she looks as adorable as she always does.

With that said, what items do you take to the beach with you that you would consider unexpected? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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