September 27, 2017

Weaning at One Year Old & Six Reasons to Choose Munchkin Grass Fed Milk

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Now that I officially have a one year old, things are changing in our house! She is learning new things on the daily and with that we are implementing new rules. It's an exciting stage in all of our lives, especially hers... and I'll be completely honest, she's got the energy of a fire ball, the curiosity of a kitten, and the wit of a genius - I am definitely in trouble y'all.

While we may be in for it in the future, I need to acknowledge a huge milestone we just hit... it's official, we made it to our ultimate GOAL! We went one whole year with mama milk, but now we can officially start to wean and I'm seriously doing a little happy dance with all my free time ( on the other hand, I have to admit I may be crying a little too... my itty-bitty baby is so big now)!

This bittersweet moment is one that I looked forward to during all of our rough patches - you know, the newborn stage, the sleepless nights, the teething spells, all of it was tough. But I will say - nursing her (on demand) until one year old feels like it was the right thing to do for our family... and while I'll miss that bonding time, it also feels like now is the right time to start encouraging her to wean. While I want her to learn to be a little less focused on mama milk, she still needs another source of nourishment to help her grow... and that's where Munchkin's Grass Fed Toddler Milk Drink comes into the picture.

If you're in the same boat as us, you know how tough weaning can be. Check out six reasons you should choose Munchkin Grass Fed Milk during this time...

You may be asking yourself, why this Grass Fed toddler milk? What makes this one the right choice?

Here are SIX reasons we decided to make the switch... and if you're in the same "weaning off the breast" boat we are, I think you'll want to take notes and grab a can of this goodness for your babe!

My number one reason for choosing Munchkin Grass Fed Toddler Milk is in the name, it's grass fed! I became a huge fan once I learned it's made with 100% grass fed milk from New Zealand! You may be thinking... what exactly is the benefit of grass fed milk? It provides high levels of Vitamin A & E and a proper balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. Meaning your baby's tummy will not only be full, but happy and healthy... The way every mama wants their baby to feel after a bottle!

The second reason I decided on Grass Fed Toddler milk is the amazing Lactoferrin, included in every bottle. It's the same immunity booster in breast milk.

Speaking of breast milk, the third reason I chose this milk over others is the fact that it's Lactose based, just like breast milk. While other toddler snacks and drinks tend to use syrup solids or corn syrup, I love that Grass Fed is lactose based providing D a more fulfilling milk just like her mamas!

My fourth reason is that the milk is free of GMO, rBGH, grain, and antibiotics! I'm a big fan of keeping all of those out of her system so I jumped on the chance to grab some of this delicious, healthy milk for her.

If you're in the same boat as us, you know how tough weaning can be. Check out six reasons you should choose Munchkin Grass Fed Milk during this time...

That's enough about the things this milk doesn't have in it... I'm excited to share the fifth reason we chose this milk is the fact it contains DHA & ARA to support her brain!

While this wasn't a reason for ME to make the switch, this giveaway is a FANTASTIC way to get brought over to the Grass Fed side of life! It's simple to enter and you could win a ONE YEAR SUPPLY of Munchkin Grass Fed Milk and $1,000 to stock up on all the toddler stuff your heart could desire! Click here to enter!

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