June 9, 2017

Cute & Creative FREE First Father's Day Gift - Simple DIY DAD Photo

It's safe to say I have the best husband, ever... and that obviously means Delainey has the best DAD there ever could be. So celebrating my hubby on his first Father's Day is something Delainey and I plan on doing all month long! On that note, we've been crafting our hearts out lately. Today I want to share a super fun DIY gift idea for your kiddo's dad and the best part is, you can even complete this thoughtful project in just a couple of minutes!


For this project you will need:

a camera
something to write with * we used paint *
a printer & a frame *optional*

To start, all you'll need to do is write out the letters D and A on a plain white sheet of paper. We used paint for ours, but any writing utensil will work.

Once your letters are ready, set your kiddo up in a nice, bright spot in your home - nearby a window and get ready to snap some photos quick, especially if you have a little one that'll eat anything and everything.

Hand your kiddo the letters you created and let them get silly, serious, or whatever emotion they are feeling that day. Have fun while taking their photos but make sure each letter is visible.

Now once you have the perfect photos, turn them into a collage using an app like layout for Instagram or Paint (on your computer)! Post this cute, personalized gift for everyone to see or keep things hush and give your other half his gift closer to Father's Day.... either way, I bet he will love this super easy and thoughtful gift!


*This content is completely my own, although it does contain Amazon affiliate links - that just means if you click through and make a purchase on Amazon, you'll be helping my family - nothing more!*

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