November 18, 2016

Learn About the App: IFTTT & How It Can Simplify Your Life!

Simplify your life with an app? It's totally possible if you're ready to try IFTTT! Get the details on this app and start letting your phone help you lead a better life.

As a mama, I've learned that if I want to get anything accomplished I need to find some shortcuts. Instead of trying to speed home every afternoon or cutting a diaper change short, I've decided to try and make things I do anyways a little simpler with "IFTTT" or "If this, then that" - the app.

While initially setting up my applets took a little bit of time, now I don't have to take 3 actions to share my twitter photos on Instagram, because the app does that for me.

IFTTT lets you do more with the services you love and applets within the app help you bring together services you love. From pairing your Insta with your Twitter to pairing your phones GPS with your lighting system, IFTTT has so many applets that can help you. So, with that said, here's some ways you should be using IFTTT in your life.

1. Automatically wish your friends a Happy Birthday on Facebook - Ever felt like a total jerk because you ignored the notification for a buddy's birthday and never took a minute to write on their wall? Use IFTTT and you'll never have that happen again. Just sign up to send well wishes and the applet will do it for you!

2. Share Instagram photos to Twitter as a photo (not a link) - THIS is literally the reason why I originally started using IFTTT. It may seem lazy but it's nice, as a "momtog", to share photos on Instagram and have them share directly to my most beloved social media platform, twitter. If you love both Insta and Twitter as much as I do, then this is a useful applet for you.

3. Be your own weather person, know when it's going to pour - Don't fret about whether it'll rain or not tomorrow... IFTTT will let you know. Just sign up for a notification and you'll always know if it's going to rain!

4. No worries when dealing with photo storage - Using google drive, back up your Android photos and never worry about having to transfer photos to an external or deleting extras. As a mama with a passion for photographing her baby, this was a huge reason I fell in love with IFTTT.

5. Hit the lights without lifting a finger - If you have the Hue system, which I talk about here, then you have to check out the IFTTT applets that sync up with the lights! You can change your lights to blue lights when it's raining, have your lights automatically turn off when you leave home, press a button to make hue lights color loop and more. I'm obsessed with playing with my lights and IFTTT has made them even cooler!

6. Keep track of everything with Trello - Whether you've heard of Trello before or not, now is the time to start using this app and paired with IFTTT, you'll never forget anything again! I love using this app to keep track of upcoming assignments, appointments, and fun stuff too. The coolest part is I can label an email with a specific label and IFTTT will create a card in Trello for that event. Making time for everything just got a little easier.

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