September 15, 2015

Tips and Tricks for Thrift Store Shopping: Thrift Store Scores!

Some people are too proud to admit they shop at the thrift store, I'm the opposite of those people. I love bragging about the deals I find and I tend to go shopping at our local stores about once a week, sometimes every other week.

I skipped last week and decided I had to go this week for an upcoming project and I scored all kinds of deals. Everything I bought is in perfect condition and I spent less than $30 on all of the clothing AND 2 little DIY projects from the home goods sections and the one tiny thing I originally went shopping for happened to only cost be a quarter! Life is good when you are thrifty and I'm definitely not shy about all of the awesome items I find while I'm hunting for a bargain.

This week, I chose pieces that were made for me. It's weird, normally I have a cart full of stuff to try on but this week I only had the items I bought. It's nice to be able to recognize when things are going to fit you while out shopping, I know other lady shoppers know the excitement when everything they choose from a rack fits perfectly - it's like a "she shoots, she scores" type of moment if we're relating shopping to sports so the men-folk understand.

Well, today I want to share my loot I came home with from the Salvation army and a few tips on how you can make the most out of your next thrifting trip. While these photos aren't the best quality... I took them as a storm was rolling in so the lighting was off. Regardless, I think I'll make my thrift store scores into a regular post, because shopping is something I do pretty well - I might as well share my knowledge with you and hopefully I can learn a thing or two from my fellow thrift store lovers!

Tip number one is based on this Audrey 3+1 Red Lace Mini Dress. Don't be afraid of certain colors, no matter what. I used to think red wasn't my color, I've always insisted I look bad in the color... and well, I guess I take that statement back.

I love this red lace dress and the only reason I decided to try it on is the fun and fantastic cut. What's not pictured here is the back with a little low back and loop clasp detail, it's adorable. I can't wait to rock this number with a pair of stockings and heels for Florida winter festivities!

While I'll be feeling fantastic in my new red frock, I want to remind you to think outside your normal fashion box while thrift store shopping. Try on unusual floral patterns, funky frocks with short hemlines, and oddball items; after all, that one-of-a-kind piece of clothing could be made for you!

Tip number two is centered around my White and Black Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Top with Neon Trim I picked up this week.

This adorable top is so simple, yet so cute; so my tip is to add basics with a twist to your wardrobe. I love the neon yellow hem line detail and the comfort level on this white and black striped top is through the roof; this top has been added to my closet because it's classic, comfortable, and adds a tiny pop of color - the three things I suggest you look for in clothing while you are thrift store shopping, whether you find these attributes all in one item or separate, they all are important to take note of while shopping!

Tip three is based on this H&M Divided Cream Lace Crop Top and it's a typical piece of advice: Step outside your comfort zone. In all aspects of life, you shouldn't allow yourself to remain "comfortable" with one set way of doing things. For me, this meant learning to accept my body and love it enough to feel comfortable exposing my belly in a crop top. For others, this could mean exposing your legs in a pair of shorts or maybe even going sleeveless for some. Learning to love your body means that you feel comfortable in a lot more, including things that were formerly no's. I'm so happy to have found this awesome crop top for such a great deal, now I can expose my belly when I see fit and I feel awesome doing it. You should give it a try, no matter your shape or size!

Tip four is based on this adorable Lauren Conrad Silver Sequin Dress, I have no where to wear this number but I bought it anyways because it's a good deal and it looks pretty amazing on me, if I don't say so myself.

My bit of advice regarding this new addition to my wardrobe is to buy things that you love, even if you don't have a place to wear them, yet. It may sound silly or indulgent to buy things when you aren't sure if you'll need them, I hear that... but I bought this dress anyways because I feel amazing in it. If you try something on, fall in love with it, but aren't sure if you'll ever wear it... buy it anyways! You never know what events will come up in your life or when you'll need a fancy party dress. I'm hoping for a fun and fancy date night soon or maybe a super-glam night out with the girls!

Outside of all the clothing tips I've shared today, here's the fifth and final piece of advice. This time I'm talking about the home goods section of your store. Always think about what could be.

I grabbed two amazing little mirrors and can't wait to show you where they end up in our house. I have the perfect spot in mind and with a little spray paint, I think they'll fit perfectly!

I also grabbed these cool vintage drawings, mainly for the frames they are in though. I love and respect the art but plan to make these into an awesome project. Some spray paint, a few printables, and a little bit of windex and I'll have a whole new set of art! That's what I love about looking at things with a unique perspective, I'm always able to find something cool and make it into something unique and fun and so incredibly us...

So now that I've shared some thrift store shopping secrets, I'd love to hear your tips and tricks of the thrifting trade! Tell me all about your perfect thrifty find or your strategies when shopping in the comments below!

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