My Version of #MealPrep Monday: My Favorite Time-Saving Side Dish - Suddenly Grain Salad

I know I say this often, but we're pretty busy in our house. We don't really have time to think most days... I'm constantly working on a project or school work and hubby is either working or at school, most of the time. We love being able to unwind, relax, and have dinner on the nights that our schedules actually line up and we get a chance to just breathe. I'm sure you can relate...

Well, this week, we both are overwhelmed with awesome projects (that I can't wait to share), a busy work schedule, and a ton of homework so I decided while he was slaving away on editing a video for class that I would whip up a delicious lunch and surprise him. It's my wifely duty to make a meal every once in a while, right?

Luckily, this meal is so easy to make, he had no idea I even made lunch until it was done. I barely made a sound but came out with a plate that had him speechless when he realized what I'd been doing. I'll be honest and share that the plate looks and tastes so much more time-consuming than it actually was.

I made a mixture of some of our favorite foods, a veggie, some of our favorite chicken tenders prepared differently, and Suddenly Grain Salad.

Our veggies consisted of a delicious heaping side of brussel sprouts... I'll be honest and reveal that I just heated these up - they are from a local health food store and absolutely delicious!

The next item on the plate was the gluten-free chicken tenders. These little guys are one of our favorite foods and since I was trying to "elevate" the dish a little I drizzled some homemade apricot preserve to add a sweet component... I highly recommend you give this a try; so tasty and so, so easy to put together; plus, kids will love it!

The best item on the plate was definitely the colorful and delicious Suddenly Grain Salad though! It’s a flavorful mix of quinoa and wild rice with a tasty little mixture of nuts, all with a zesty dressing packet included. I made the Harvest grains this time which was infused with cranberries as well and it was delicious! I can't wait to try the Southwest and Tuscan varieties later this week!

Whether you are trying to wow your picky toddler with "tapas" or sneaking a quick meal into a busy day, I highly recommend you give this tasty (and easy to prep) meal idea a try! You can grab everything you'll need at the grocery store including Suddenly Grain Salad, but don't forget to print this coupon so you save some $$$ on the ingredients! Find Suddenly Grain Salad in a store near you! Which recipe will you try first, this delicious Southwest recipe or this savory Mediterranean recipe? Let me know in a comment below!


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