December 3, 2014

#NSNation Update: It's almost over but just beginning!

I'm nearing the end of my Nutrisystem journey, it's been an interesting experience. From learning that I really love most veggies more than other foods and that I love drinking my greens over eating them to getting to being able to indulge in healthy red velvet whoopie pies without guilt - I've enjoyed the journey. Now that it's almost over, I'm sharing a recent photo I took in a dress that is 4 sizes smaller than when I started this journey (don't mind all the stuff on the table, it's my Christmas decor that I have yet to hang).

That's right, I'm four dress sizes smaller. I'm also fluctuating between 18lbs lighter at the moment and I haven't taken my measurements recently but I'm certain those would reflect the weight I've lost as well. I've been slowly adding in my own meals and weaning myself off of Nutrisystem, simply because I only committed to three months AND because I'm excited for non-processed foods! It's the end of my Nutrisystem journey but seems to be the beginning of a whole new lifestyle. I'm so incredibly proud of my results so far and looking forward to losing even more!

I'd like to lose around another 20lbs before I feel my goal has been met so that means lots of green smoothies, visits to Planet Fitness, and lots of dedication lay ahead! Wish me luck!

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