November 4, 2014

I've lost 14lbs on Nutrisystem already! #NSNation Update

 I'm on a journey to get fit this year and with the assistance of Nutrisystem (and Planet Fitness), I've already started to lose big! I updated a few weeks ago that I had already lost 9lbs... That was after losing most of the weight in the first week on their Fast 5 program jump starter. Those results were incredible so I knew I shouldn't expect results like that during the entire program; that just wouldn't be healthy! So with all of that said, I'm SUPER excited to have lost another 5lbs! That means total I have lost 14lbs!

I'm not sure if anyone else can see the difference in these photos, but it's a huge difference to me. I mean I'm wearing a tank top tucked into jeans; that's a HUGE difference itself that I felt confident and skinny enough to do this is a huge sign... plus, my pants look kind of wonky because they are too big! Oh and my wedding band was lost for over a week after losing it because I lost SO much weight (I'm glad to report, it was found) and I now wear it on my middle finger until we get it resized!

All of these amazing transformations and this is only half way through my plan, I can't wait to see what the rest of the journey will hold. I do know after Nutrisystem is over, I have a better mind set towards food and how often/what I should be eating and that is what is going to help my results last once I don't have the pleasure of having a majority of my food pre-made for me.

So are you wondering what my secret to success is?

I'm going to be honest, I occasionally eat out with hubby because that's just how life works... BUT I limit my portion sizes and order healthy. Salads, grilled chicken, and minimally processed foods are this gals best friend. Which means technically, I haven't strayed from my diet at all while eating out but I still get to spend time out with friends and family! It's all about making wise decisions!

Planet Fitness has become a regular day date every few days in our home, while this isn't as often as I would like (we're waiting for the location closer to us to open)... I'm still seeing results! I do about 20-30 minutes of cardio, then I use a couple weight machines, and wrap it up by getting a few miles in on the stationary bikes... I can't even believe I have a "plan" at the gym, that's a huge transformation for me as well.

DRINK YOUR GREENS! Your body and your taste buds will love it. I've made smoothies almost every day, if not a few a day... It's a good way to get in your smart carbs and veggies at the same time while not having to choke down a whole forests worth of broccoli.  Have you seen the smoothie recipes I've been sharing lately? I'm telling you, they all are AMAZING!

I'll be sharing more tips to lose big on Nutrisystem soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Results so far on Nutrisystem:
14 lbs down and looking forward to the rest of my journey!

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