November 4, 2014

Help Increase Creativity with Yoga & Meditation - Aurorae Yoga #HolidayGiftGuide

As you've probably observed, I'm a huge fan of yoga and I love sharing my passion for yoga. I hosted the Everybody Yoga Challenge in September and it was an amazing experience, watching all the participants share their photos was inspirational to me... not just because each and every one of the women that participated are amazing yogini's, which is so very true. It was inspirational because those women that were new to yoga seemed to really embrace the challenge and I learned things from them.

During the challenge I learned some amazing lessons and they have changed the way I view myself and my yoga practice. The main thing I learned from these ladies is that we are all our own worst critic, so just a little note - "Hey you, quit being so hard on yourself; you're awesome". I also learned a good mat makes a huge difference in my ability to get into poses, I did almost every pose for the challenge outdoors without a mat and that got sticky at times.

I'm so excited I was given the chance to work with Aurorae Yoga this month. Their Northern Lights Yoga Mat and their meditation candles are two amazing gifts for those in your life that love yoga or even those that are seeking balance in their life. Yoga has so much more than just the obvious physical benefits, it's therapeutic to the soul. Practicing yoga will leave most people feeling rejuvenated and happy. It doesn't necessarily have to be a spiritual thing, but it can be... It doesn't have to be a high intensity session, but it can be... It doesn't have to be "hot" yoga, but it can be... The point I'm trying to make here is that it's your yoga; that's what Aurorae Yoga believes anyways.

Aurorae Yoga makes products for the everyday yogi and the newbie. The level of experience you have doesn't matter, they just want to encourage everyone not to feel intimidated or uncomfortable. It's all about relaxing and enjoying your yoga practice in their opinion and that's why they make products designed to help you do just that.

As I sat meditating after yoga today on my Northern Lights Yoga Mat with my Vanilla Compassion meditation candle, I really felt inspired. I have so many ideas running through my head now that I need to make a list of them all, before meditating I felt like I had writer's block. It's no joke, meditating can make you more creative... According to a Dutch study conducted in 2012 certain meditation techniques can promote creative thinking and open monitoring meditation, the type in which you don't have an exact focus but let ideas flow freely, has shown to increase creativity the most.

So instead of providing you with mantras to chant, I'm going to just encourage you to relax & enjoy and spoil yourself with high quality products from Aurorae Yoga!


Interested in scoring a yoga mat or a meditation candle for yourself or another person in your life?  Find out more about Aurorae Yoga!

While I was provided with products by Aurorae Yoga to facilitate this review, all opinions expressed are my own.

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