Business Casual Adventurer: Outfit of the Day Starring #KiplingHoliday #OOTD

Thank you to Kipling for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to get ready for the holidays with the #KiplingHoliday Tour

Kipling has to be one of my favorite brands this season. With a company wide love for living, imagining, and laughing, I pretty much fell in love with the brand the second I read those words. Then I started looking through the Kipling Holiday catalog and they invited me (and you and all of our friends and families) to the Kipling Holiday Tour event in Orlando featuring a Kipling Holiday Collection show wall, on-site monogramming, bespoke gift-wrapping, personalized sweets, photo booths, giveaways, and holiday DIY inspiration and I really just kind of melted... I love a brand that loves it's customers and obviously Kipling fits the bill! They're a company I can truly stand behind because they have such a positive outlook on life by encouraging everyone to live a joyful life and cherish little moments while their mission is to make bags that lighten and brighten our days.

I shopped the Kipling Holiday Catalog for hours trying to pick out my favorite bag and while I had a tough time deciding because I liked so many bags, I finally decided on the Kellyn Handbag in Dune Beige. When my purse arrived in the mail a few days ago, I was ecstatic to get my hands on it. I practically hugged my UPS man as I grabbed the package out of his hands, he is kind of like Santa around here after all. I tore into the package and stared at my purse. I love the gold details, the fabric is sturdy and earthy looking (exactly what I wanted), and the bag is HUGE on the inside but doesn't feel like a duffel bag while carrying it. It's perfect.

I decided to accessorize my Kipling bag with a $1 scarf from The Salvation Army and one of my Mialisia necklaces just to make it more me and soon I'll be sharing what's inside my bag but today I'm sharing one of my favorite outfits for Fall and some awesome news for my fellow purse hoarders and handbag lovers! Kipling has provided me with a discount code for my readers, if you use the code HOLIDAYS30 you'll receive $30 off your order of $150 - lucky you!

This outfit of the day is perfect for any activity, comfortable and business casual making me ready for an adventure or a day spent in the office while the Kellyn bag is so versatile and carries so much it's amazing. I stuffed my D-SLR, my planner, a jacket, and my collapsible tripod just to see if it would all fit.... and it does, I would say the Kellyn Handbag is a bit like Mary Poppins purse but so much cuter!

Now that I've shared my favorite handbag from the #KiplingHoliday Collection, I'd love to know what your favorite bag is? Head on over and flip through Kipling's Holiday Catalog and tell me which one you have your eyes on... I'm considering buying one to give away while I'm at the event so I'd love to hear which one you like the most! Also, be sure to let me know if I'll see your shining faces in Orlando at the awesome Kipling Holiday Tour event and RSVP here!


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