October 4, 2014

The BEST Yoga pants I've ever owned: Luna Jai Athletics

I've shared my love of yoga pants in the past, but my infatuation with this item of clothing just reached a whole new level. I've found the most comfortable athletic pants ever and I have to share my secret with you...

I have friends that swear by lulu's or whatever brand they like at the time, but the other brands don't compare to Luna Jai Athletics.

Luna Jai has the most comfortable pants, with the Wik-Fit Fabric technology and the Ultimate Fit Waist Lock they fit to my body unlike any other pants. I love that the pants feel like they are painted on and I actually wear them for all sorts of activities; from running to practicing dance moves, these pants are comfortable enough for all kinds of fun.

The designs are so funky and unique, I own the Brush Waves Shorts,  the Cosmic Wink Yoga Pants, and the Vineyard Scroll Yoga Pants. Each item went above and beyond my expectations, the prints were so perfect and the beautiful colors haven't faded a bit with several washings! I'm actually so in love with the pants, I've become an ambassador for the company.So, if you want to score a pair of Luna Jai Athletic pants or shorts, use the code "LAURENH" to get 10% off your order!  

One lucky #EverybodyYoga Challenge participant has been notified that she WON a pair of these babies and an awesome Yoga mat from +Gaiam, I'm waiting to hear back and will officially announce the winners of the challenge soon!

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