September 8, 2014

Setting Goals: Six Tips to Help You Set & Achieve Your Goals #Tools4Wisdom Planner Review and #NSNation announcement

If you are a regular reader you may have realized this already, I set a large amount of goals for myself... Hence my Fit in 2014 series, my list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 1,001 days, and I'm sure my list of goal related posts could go on and on but I'll stop there. From little goals like cleaning the house to big goals like buying a  house- setting goals helps to give you a picture of the future while providing a boost in short term motivation; it helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your life.

Setting Goals - Six Tips to Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals

As my life gets busier and busier as a blogger, a student, an artist, a wife, a friend, etc. I need to start structuring my plan so that I have a better vision of what I can do now to help my future self. I've always used a planner to help me keep track of my day-to-day to-do lists, so I've always used my planner in a way to help accomplish goals - they are typically short term goals though. When I was contacted by Tools4Wisdom to review one of their Goal Planners I wasn't sure if it would be something I would like, I have planners... Why do I need another one? Because this planner is different.I love that this the Goal Planner is so easy to use, with pages to list personal and business goals, questions encouraging you to consider how you can reach these goals, it even features a little thoughts journal in the back.

The Tools4Wisdom Goal Planner is full of inspiration which I'll need a lot of over the next few months as I take another big stride toward getting Fit in 2014! I'm officially going to be partnering with NutriSystem and I'm so excited about it! I can't wait to see how the program works for me and I know using this planner to plan my monthly weight loss goals, my daily work outs, etc. will absolutely help! I've always said if I just had my meals planned and made up for me I could lose this weight, now we'll find out if I was right! I'm now officially a member of the #NSNation and my structured diet will begin in just a few short weeks. My goal is to lose 30+ lbs and I can't wait to see if I achieve this, even if it is a tall order.

Setting Goals - Six Tips to Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals

I also have some pretty hefty blogging goals for the remainder of this year and several for 2015, this planner is definitely going to be helpful come Holiday Gift Guide posting time! I love how easy it will be for me to keep my posts in order. The only thing I don't really like about this planner is the tiny squares for daily goals, but if they gave me a page for each day then the planner would be the size of a textbook so you win some, you lose some. I suppose my goal for my blog would be to DOUBLE my numbers and to make every single post full of genuine, authentic content.
Check out some of the awesome features the planner provides:

Setting Goals - Six Tips to Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals

Interested in getting a planner of your own, check out Tools4Wisdom!

Setting Goals - Six Tips to Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals

Six Tips to Help You Set & Achieve Your Goals:

1. Break It Down - Break your big goals down into smaller goals, it's that easy.  For instance, if your over all goal is that you would like to purchase a home, a good goal would be "I'll deposit $100 out of every pay check into a savings account" or "I'll begin searching for homes that I'm interested in". Big goals are great but without breaking them down they can get overwhelming.

2. Write Your Goals in The Present Tense -   Write your goals in your planner in the present tense, as though they already happened. This gets your mind used to thinking that your dreams aren't just dreams; they can be reality. Also, if you have Netflix. Put this goal on your list: WATCH The Secret.

3. Make Your Goals Measurable - You have to be able to measure your goals to know whether or not you have succeeded. If your "goal" isn't measurable, it isn't really a goal. The difference is

This is a goal: I want to lose 30+ lbs.

This technically isn't a goal: I want to not be fat.

4. Make Daily To-Do Lists - These are little lists of daily goals, obviously... but they will help you achieve all of your goals by helping you to remain organized and informed about what you plan to achieve. I highly suggest using the notes part of your planner to do this!

5. Be Flexible - While setting goals is great, be open to re-evaluating your goal list every so often to make sure all of your goals and your actions are aligned. If you aren't working toward a goal regularly, you either need to change your actions to begin working toward the goal or maybe decide on a goal that motivates you a little more.

6. Do It Anyways! - This is for all the procrastinators and lazy bums (like me) out there: no matter what is going on, get up and take action. You don't want to work out? Do it anyways! You don't feel like saving that $100 this month? Do it anyways! You'll thank yourself later if you take my advice and stop letting what is holding you back from achieving your goals get in the way...

Setting Goals - Six Tips to Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals

So, what goals do you have for the remainder of 2014?
What goals do you have for your life in general?

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