September 8, 2014

#EveryBodyYoga Day 8 - Tripod Balance

 Day Eight of the
#EveryBodyYoga Challenge

Day #8: Tripod Balance

I never thought I would be so comfortable with inversions, even after falling and breaking a mirror (oh, you haven't seen that video? Check my instagram for a good laugh) I'm still perfectly comfortable flipping upside down and hanging out. If you know you have a medical condition or something preventing you from inverting than I obviously suggest you try a more upright pose... Other than that, be excited about today's pose.

I know a few of you are  totally cool with inversions, but I also know that they can be intimidating when you are new to yoga or if you just haven't attempted the art of hanging out upside down yet. Remember to be patient with your self and always make time to practice.  It may not happen for you today and that’s ok!  You may fall a few times and that's ok too!

What benefits do you gain from practicing Tripod Balance?

     Tripod Balance helps calm your brain, while also helping to relieve stress and mild depression. It also stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands; while it strengthens the arms, legs, and spine as well as your lungs. Tripod Balance is actually therapeutic for asthma, infertility, insomnia, and sinusitis according to experts.

Be sure to be armed with the knowledge of where your balancing point is; You can find this by placing books on your head and seeing where they are stable and feel comfortable... it won't be an exact science but it will help you find your way into a balanced headstand quicker.

You can practice this pose anywhere... But if this is all new to you I highly suggest practicing inversions up against a wall. Doing so is a great place to gain confidence in your ability and find the calm you are looking for.

Begin on your hands and knees; shoulders stacked over hands, hips over knees. Now bend your elbows to form 90 degree angles and place the top of your head onto the floor in front of your hands - pay attention to the placement of your hands and be mindful that they don't creep up near your ears.

Now tuck your toes and bring your knees up off the floor. Bring your feet in toward your hands/arms so that your hips are lifted high toward the sky. Take a breath and embrace this moment - feel the stretch and make sure it's still comfortable, maybe a little challenging but it shouldn't be painful - especially on your head. If it is painful, I suggest you experiment until you find your balancing point. Listen to your body and only attempt what feels comfortable. Also If you start to fall, tuck like you are somersaulting and you will be fine.

Keeping your elbows on point and not swaying to the sides, lift one knee onto your arm. If you still feel comfortable slowly lift your other knee onto your other arm.Congratulations, you did it.
If inversions just aren't your "thing" that's ok, wherever you are in your practice is perfect.


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