#EveryBodyYoga Day 22 - Butterfly Pose a.k.a. Bound Angle Pose

Day Twenty-Two of the
#EveryBodyYoga Challenge

{Butterfly Pose a.k.a. Bound Angle Pose}

     Butterfly Pose is another seated pose and it's another one on my list of favorites. It stimulates your abdominal organs while also stimulating the heart and improving general circulation. It's also said that this pose helps relieve mild depression, anxiety, menstrual discomfort, and fatigue. Yogis say that Bound Angle Pose destroys disease and gets rid of fatigue; proof that a simple yoga pose can truly change your life!

This pose is one that I remember practicing in gym class as a child, we probably all can easily get into this pose but here's a few pointers: Relax your knees out to either side and gently press the bottoms of your feet together. Hold your feet or your ankles, whichever feels more comfortable.  Lean forward slightly, so you can feel your "sit bones" on the ground. If you want to you can allow your body to come over your feet to open up your back and relax your neck. Either way, the stretch is heavenly - enjoy and embrace it.


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