September 20, 2014

#EveryBodyYoga Day 21 - Seated Spinal Twist

Day Twenty-One of the
#EveryBodyYoga Challenge

Twisting poses in yoga are incredibly good for increasing your strength and flexibility. The subtle compression in this pose across your stomach actually helps in the digestion process, too. Seated Spinal Twist is counteracting yesterday's pose in some ways and feels so very good on your spine, embrace the stretch but don't pull too hard into it - work within your own abilities!

Begin by crossing your right foot over the outside of your left thigh, then bend your left leg at the knee. Keeping your right knee pointed toward ceiling, place your left elbow to the outside of your right knee and your right hand on the floor behind you. Twist right as far as you can, moving from your abdomen; keep both sides of your buttocks on the floor.

I had the most gorgeous view while practicing yoga today, it was a rainy day out but the beach somehow was still absolutely beautiful and just what I needed. I've been in kind of a gloomy mood this week and practicing a Seated Spinal Twist at the beach was so soothing. I love yoga and everything it does for me, if you don't practice - you should!


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