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February 1, 2014

Fit in Feb: Kick Off! {Confession + The decision to change my lifestyle}

February is officially here, which means that Fit in Feb is starting now! 

I'm counting down the days until it's bikini season 
and working towards a healthier, happier version of me.
 I plan to share fitness tips, recipes, and more 
through out the month of February!
I'm going to start this month off with a confession
and a mission statement.

I weighed in on January 2nd at my heaviest weight ever...
I decided then to make a change,
but as of February I'm making even more of a change.
I'm going to be active daily
and be even more strict with my diet.
I want results and this is the only way it will happen!

105 days until I plan to ROCK my bikini,
I don't think I'll look bangin'
but I know I'll be more in shape than I am today
and that's my main goal.

So cheers to my chunky-ness
but hooray for my future fitness!
{my before picture - at my heaviest weight}

Follow me this month and through out the spring & summer to see my transformation!