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January 3, 2020

Fight & Cure Viruses This Winter with Remedies That Actually Work - Fight the 2020 Flu Bug!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, regardless all opinions expressed below are my own.

There's a pretty gnarly flu bug floating around the nation, we managed to catch it while flying back home to see family and we've fighting it since.

It basically took our house hostage, for over a week, but I am finally adjusting back to life without waking up hacking every night again, D is still fighting her cough but mostly her normal self, and hubby is still recovering - but overall we BEAT the bug and I wanted to share how since we know what a doozy this really is.

This flu is different than others, we actually never got the elevated fever but had all the other symptoms to a tee. So know that if you don't have all the "influenza" symptoms, that you may still have the flu - or a similar virus.

If you're currently fighting it, know that "this too shall pass" and persevere... and this is a given, but if your symptoms become abnormally bad be sure to visit your doctor too!

With that said, let me start by saying, I'm not a medical professional - BUT this is what worked for us:

1. Electrolyte Water to help keep your body hydrated, even when nothing else sounds good.

2. Elderberry Syrup to help boost your immune system (for the family).

3. Zinc Tablets to help shorten the symptoms (only for the parents).

4. Emergen-c or Airborne drink mix to offer immune support and boost your vitamin C, allowing your body to fight off the virus quickly.

5. Essential Oils are a must, we set up our diffuser and use some of our favorites from Eden's Garden to help make breathing easier (be careful with oils and research before use).

6. Cool Mist Humidifier is a necessity, if you are dealing with a cough. I would not have been able to sleep without ours and it has helped ease D's symptoms as well.

7. Fresh Cool Air is a given, but something that helped our family greatly. Any time D is experiencing a rough night, one of the first things I do is step out on our back porch and let her take some deep breaths. It always helps calm her coughing fits and my own as well.

8. Steam Showers on the other hand, have also helped us immensely. Without steam showers I don't think any of us would've been able to sleep this week.

9. Theraflu pods were a life saver for myself. D obviously can't drink these, but being able to have one of these warm drinks (with some meds also in it) seriously healed me so quick. I went from being miserable to feeling human within an hour, every single time I drank one.

10. Rest is another given for fighting the bug, but one that truly helped our family so it's something I feel I need to mention.

11. Nose Frieda is a nose suction device that your kid will HATE, but will make them feel better within seconds. We suction D's nose and she can instantly breath easier, even if she is fuming mad.

12. Similasan Kids Cough & Cold Relief was another life saver for us with D. We have both the day & night formulas now and swear by this brand, it's a natural cough syrup that has helped her in the past but especially helped fight this bug and it's safe for any kiddo ages 2+.

So tell me, have you caught this terrible bug that's been spreading like crazy across the nation? I hope not, but if you have - I'd love to hear how you "survived" it and what helped you the most!

And to those of you that encourage others to get the flu shot, that's your choice - but it's one we opt out of year after year, after contracting a terrible case of the flu after receiving the shot years back. I'm not saying anything against others who choose to get it, we just don't in our house and even after experiencing the flu again - I still hold true to my decision.

November 10, 2019

The Best of The Best - Podcasts You NEED to Be Listening To!

So I'm late to the game but I'm so obsessed with podcasts lately, from binge-listening while working to trying to sneak in a few minutes while D is running around outside with her dad in the mornings -  I'm constantly listening.

I personally tend to listen via itunes on my computer and on my old school ipod, but I know there's all kinds of apps you can use to listen to your favorites on. This list can all be found on itunes, but I know several of these shows are available on other platforms as well!

Beyond HOW you listen, I know a few of you are wondering why should you listen? The main reason I can give you, is that these shows are life changing... all in different ways!

So let's get started with the best of the best... (and be on the look out for more of these "best" lists in the future)

1. My Favorite Murder - HILARIOUS... and outrageous. Murder and comedy don't seem like they would tangle together well, but these two genius ladies have created a cult-like following and the most epic podcast. If you like true crime, start with episode one and listen through. I'm only about 130 episodes in... but I'm in awe of these ladies and their comedic talents and their story telling abilities.

2. Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon Levitt - Another genius creation, made by the famous man, JGL. He has done so much with his life, always finding a way to help others express creativity and this podcast is just another epic creation. He interviews some amazing people and gets their input on challenging questions posed by his audience. I enjoyed listening to every episode in his first season and long to hear season two, ASAP!

3. Raising Good Humans - If you're a parent, this podcast is going to be LIFE for you. Get parenting tips and be the best mama (or dada) to your little one with the helpful advice she offers. From handling tantrums to helping kids learn, I love her input on challenging parts of parenthood.

4. Seriously, Let's Be F***ing Honest - While this podcaster 100% has a potty mouth, she can help you learn to be a better you... starting at episode one. Give it a listen... and let's get honest about a little bit of everything.

5. Office Ladies - If you love The Office, you will LOVE this podcast. Angela and Pam changing up the game... and making podcasts even more hilarious.

6. The Expand Your Awareness Podcast - If you like mindfulness and learning about complex theories, this may be the podcast for you. I've questioned the world around me after listening to episodes of this and that's exactly why I love it.

7. The Business Life & Joy Podcast - This podcast is seriously life changing for small business owners and/or bloggers. She's so knowledgeable and encouraging - it's definitely worth a listen if you are ready to make some changes and lead a happier life.

8. Great Women of Business - I didn't expect to love this podcast as much as I did. It has limited episodes, but OH MY LANTA, it's amazing. Learning about so many amazing women and the way they have succeeded, through all kinds of struggles. It's truly encouraging and something every woman needs to hear.

9. The One You Feed - This was my hubby's recommendation, but it's also another inspiring podcast that makes you think. Whether you're analyzing deep thoughts along with him or wondering how you can change the world, this podcast is different and enchanting. I promise you'll enjoy it.

10. The RobCast - This one is definitely one I knew I would love immediately, without question. I first head Rob Bell preaching back in my high school days. He shared messages that were DIFFERENT, he wasn't demeaning or condemning, but optimistic and eager to teach... and that changed my life. Now that he isn't on stage, but still behind a mic, nothing has changed. Listening to the RobCast has been a learning experience, over and over again, each time I press play.

11. Crime Junkie-Another one to check out if you are a tru crime fanatic is Crime Junkie. This was the first podcast I ever binge-listened to and it'll always be one of my favorites. It's much more serious than most of my other favorites but it's been one that keeps me coming back again and again for each episode.

Beyond that, I know there are HUNDREDS more that I need to hear... so tell me, what is your favorite podcast to listen to?

June 17, 2019

5 Ways to Make "That Time of The Month" More Bearable

This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve® , but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Let me start by saying, today's post is for the ladies only - now that we have that covered, let's get to chatting.

I know talking about our lady bits can be a little... ahem, awkward. But really, it shouldn't be. We all have the same parts, we all have similar worries, and most of us have to deal with a monthly visitor that we don't necessarily like.

While I sadly haven't created a "cure" for that time of the month, I have found a few ways to make it a little bit more manageable. So instead of laying around in pain or picking your appearance apart in the mirror, use these tips to help you get the most out of life, even when Aunt Flo is visiting.

5 Ways to Make "That Time of The Month" More Bearable

1. Be sure to pamper yourself -

Do something YOU love to do. For me, it's crafting or taking pictures. While this isn't an instant fix, doing something that makes you happy will most definitely transform your mood - PMS or not.

2. Take a Second to Freshen Up -

It's truly not something anyone talks about, but sometimes we need to freshen up our lady bits while dealing with our period. It's nothing to be ashamed of, it's life.

Earlier this week while cramping and pouting I decided to soothe my woes with a trip to Target... I scored big time and found a hidden gem, the NEW Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ Cleansing Cloths. I was just trying to find the cure to my miserableness in the feminine products aisle and I instantly knew I had to try them... and well, the rest is history. I was officially hooked.

Once I tried the Cleansing Cloths I knew I had to give the Feminine Cleansing Wash a try too... and it didn't disappoint. With just the right amount of fragrance to leave me feeling fresh and confident, these pH balanced products do the trick and leave me feeling fresh - even when I'm not feeling fantastic thanks to my period!

Want to make sure your feeling as fresh and confident as you can be while you are dealing with Aunt Flo? Check out Target and use this coupon to score a great deal on these New Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ products!

3. Empower Yourself & Gain Knowledge-

I know there's a million sources of information coming at you. From blogs, to books, to social media, to the tv. But choosing to supply your brain with pointless information is literally draining you. This is something you should practice all month long, year round, but let's start with today. Empower your mind. Choose a self-help book, watch a documentary about self-improvement, or even just turn off social media and meditate in a quiet space.

4. Dress the Part -

Even when I absolutely don't feel like it, getting dressed always helps me snap into a better mood. Grab a cute dress, preferably one with pockets and head on out on the town... or just hang out in your backyard. For me, changing clothes can change my mindset, test it out and see for yourself.

5. Track Your Life -

Keep track of your symptoms to really get to know yourself and how your cycle is going to happen. Instead of the dreaded mishap of ruining your favorite white pants, keep yourself up to date on when Aunt Flo is expected to arrive with one of several apps available! Not only will this make life easier, it'll also help you plan things like vacations and other fun activities outside of your time of the month.

So tell me, how do you fight the period funk most of us seem to get? I'd love some more tips and tricks to make me feel better when Aunt Flo is visiting!