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Simple, Stylish Paint Chip Christmas Tree Toddler + Kid Craft



The holidays are right around the corner and we are super excited about all the fun that involves... this year is going to be one of the best. I haven't share this yet, but we have family surprising Delainey with a long visit over the holidays so it's hard not to be stoked. Also, I'm pretty amped to see her face on Christmas morning, because I may have spoiled my sweet girl. Beyond that, the Christmas spirit is in full swing in our home - with our little Elf causing trouble and the sweet innocence of writing letters to Santa, I'm going to go ahead and call it, Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

With that said, we've been trying to keep busy lately as we countdown the days until Christmas and this super simple and FREE Paint Chip Christmas Tree Craft was the perfect way to keep our minds occupied while creating a masterpiece. It was also a great way to practice cutting and gluing skills and to encourage her to discuss colors and shapes.

I also loved that we were able to make our tree anything but green. She's been stuck on trees only being green and it was good to encourage her imagination and mix up colors!

Have a little crafter on your hands? Love the look of our simple paint chip trees? Want to make one of your own? Here ya go!

We grabbed our paint chips for an upcoming rainbow mural project in her room from our local hardware store and well, we decided to use them craft-ily as well once this idea came to mind.

You'll start by cutting off both ends with writing on them and start making staggered cuts with the remainder of the paint chip. Allowing for both big and small pieces, thick and thin,etc.

Now, once you have a ton of colors cut up and lots of variety in the shapes of your pieces, apply glue to your white paper in the shop of a tree, if you'd like you can top your tree with a star or a funky shaped cut.

It's that easy. Now just let it dry & hang it up! I plan on sticking these in shadow box frames and setting it out each year. I love looking back at our crafts year after year and admiring each piece, it's a little bit of nostalgia that I'll always be thankful for.

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Growing up means I'm obsessing over wall colors and collecting home decor more and more. I can often be caught daydreaming about owning a white couch or sometimes I'll be off in Amazon-land collecting things I'd like to add to my knick-knack shelf in my cart to "save for later".

TROMMA Wall clock, white, 9 ¾ "

If you're also like me and clean, cutely decorated pinterest-styled-homes obsessed, then this little list of amazing IKEA finds for under $10 is right up your alley - and get this, you can buy a few of these items for each person on your shopping list this holiday and it won't break the bank!

So let's get this party started!


1. MULA AbacusOne yellow, three greens and two blue ones.  Help your kiddo develop critical thinking and logical skills with this nifty little old-fashioned bit of a rainbow. In-stores for just $9.99!

MULA Abacus

2. HYLLIS Shelf Unit - This industrial looking, practical storage space is just what every space needs. Open, yet accomodating to all belongings. Grab one of these for just $9.99!

HYLLIS Shelf unit, indoor/outdoor, 23 5/8x10 5/8x29 1/8 "

3. TOFTLUND Rug - This adorable rug is just the right amount of "texture" for any room. Whether you use it as expected, on the floor... or you could mix things up and drape it at the end of your bed or it may possibly provide just enough of a boho vibe if you hang it on the wall? The ways to use this little piece of sheep-skin lookalike material are endless and all of them are adorable. This little taste of heaven can be added to your cart for just $9.99 and is a must have!

TOFTLUND Rug, white, 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 "

4. MÅLA Portable drawing case - This super adorable little craft storage is what I like to think of as a child's version of a briefcase! With a hard surface for them to craft upon, this is perfect for around the house or long travels in the car, ringing in at just $9.99 - this is a must have under the tree this year!
MÅLA Portable drawing case, red, 13 3/4x10 5/8 "

5. HEMLAGAD Crepe/pancake pan - Breakfast is served! This crepe/pancake pan is one your kitchen is calling for! Become the Top Chef in your kitchen for just $7.99!

HEMLAGAD Crepe/pancake pan, 10 "

6. VARDAGEN Glass in blue - There's just something so nostalgic about these glasses... and I'm gonna go ahead and indulge in some bevies in these beauties for the low price of just $4.99 for a pack of 4!
VARDAGEN Glass, blue, 10 oz

7. POLARVIDE Throw in gray - This warm, fleece throw is an unexpected gift from IKEA. It's such a brilliant neutral,with a sweet scalloped edge, and comes in at just $3.99! Everyone on your list needs a new blanket for that price.

POLARVIDE Throw, gray, 51x67 "

8. SPARKÄR Door mat in green leaves
- This precious little plant lady door mat is literally the bee's knees! I'm beyond obsessed and think it's the perfect mixture of inviting and adorable without being too much! Add a buffalo plaid mat underneath it and we'll go ahead and call it the perfect "modern farmhouse" look we all want...amIright? Add to cart for just $7.99!

SPARKÄR Door mat, indoor, green leaves, 1 ' 4 "x2 ' 0 "

9. TROMMA Wall clock in white - This adorable clock arrived to IKEA just in time... HA. See what I did there? But seriously, this is such a cute piece to add to a gallery wall and for just $1.99, you might as well grab a few as gifts!

TROMMA Wall clock, white, 9 ¾ "

10. SANNAHED Frame in white - This adorable little frame makes the perfect shadow box for your photos or artwork. Coming in both black and white, I know these will be decorating our walls. Want to add some to your home? Grab one for just $4.99!

SANNAHED Frame, white, 9 ¾x9 ¾ "

That's a wrap for 10 of the best items from Ikea for under $10! Which one is on your list this year?

A little hello (again)...

This year has been full of chaos, as we all know... and I'll be completely real with you all, I haven't handled it well. 

I've had breakdowns, I've cried til I couldn't shed another tear, I've worried myself sick, and I've focused my energy differently than I ever have before and manifested all kinds of crazy events.. and I'm sure I'm not alone in any of this. 2020 has been a "helluva" year. I'd like to think December will be perfect, but as we all know - that's unlikely this year.

One thing I didn't do in 2020, that I was really aiming to do before the pandemic came ashore, was stay consistent and involved with my blog. I partially stopped updating as much because I felt paralyzed trying to write, I had the ultimate case of writer's block and well, I think it shows. It was hard to come up with anything to say with so much facing us. I shared my opinions and stance on major events on social media, but I honestly didn't feel I had a voice in anything happening in 2020. From the virus to race riots, that's not my expertise. I listened, I learned, and I occasionally reposted on social...but felt I had no right to share too much information here.

Beyond not knowing what to write, I also devoted ALL of my creative energy into my bow business - kind of by accident. Each week I've started having a ready-to-ship release and that's been a total time suck. Amazing, so much fun, and helpful financially, but writing is my passion - hence, why I started a blog and why I'm here writing for you now.

As I sat terrified over the last few months, not knowing what to write, it was easy for me to take a pair of scissors to my materials and create whatever felt right. It was therapeutic in some ways to step away from sharing so much here and just create "art", but then again, boxing everything in and not sharing was hard and obviously didn't do me much good. So, here I am, sharing the most honest post I've shared in 2020.

It's been a hard year. I've had my heart shattered, I've been let down, I've felt a complete lack of control - but I'm still here and I'm actually feeling more ready to share with you guys than ever. This year hasn't shut me up, it just taught me to choose the life I want, to create the life I want, and that's why I'm back - I want to encourage you to create your dream life while I create mine alongside you.

So, to summarize, I'm back and feeling better than ever about sharing here on the blog. Now is the time to create the life you want and I can't wait to help you do just that, by creating the life I want and sharing it here!

Let me just go ahead and say "hello" (again)!

Staying Hydrated While Finding Balance with Nestlé Pure Life+

This post is sponsored by Nestlé® Pure Life®+ but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Finding balance in life can be a struggle at times, especially during this crazy time in our lives.

Whether we are trying to work from home just the right amount or adjusting back to life in the office again, while trying to devote the correct amount of time to our family, and searching for a moment of relaxation, while also occasionally reminding ourselves not to overindulge, and sometimes even just searching for motivation, etc... most of us are striving to live balanced lives in one way or another, whilealso searching for ways to help us live that ideal life.

While I don't have it all figured out and I'm also still seeking balance in many aspects of my life, I have come to realize a few things that are truly important in my life and that help me live my most balanced life and I figured I'd share them with you today:

We'll start with something simple, but so important. I personally know that I never get enough water. I mean, I only drink water (for the most part) but not always the "necessary" amount that I need so it's something I'm really working on. Making sure my body is hydrated is important to me for so many reasons, I mean, we are mainly made up of water so making sure our body has enough of it is VITAL. Some days are easier than others to get enoughin and most definitely some water is better than others, and that's why I started sipping on these amazing Nestlé® Pure Life®+ water beverages-I think they are the best drinks

These refreshing little bottles have unique minerals to help you get throughthe day and they taste pretty amazing too. With specific minerals and tasty flavor, I couldn't ask for more!

The best part is there's a Nestlé Pure Life+ made to meet your every need:

  • You can get a little pick me up with the +revive with Magnesium. It is lemon flavered and helps with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

  • The Nestlé Pure Life+ active has potassium, with a delicious orange flavor, that helps with normal muscle function. This is my favorite go to drink whenever I'm doing a little backyard "hot yoga". I mean, you can't beat a little cold water during a good stretch!

  • Feeling a little under the weather? Try Nestlé Pure Life+ protect, which comes with zinc-something we all could use to help maintain normal immune systemfunctioning and the blackberry flavor is pretty delicious too!

Not only are these beverages refreshing and delicious, I love that I'm able to stock up on all the delicious Nestlé Pure Life+ my heart desires while browsing So go ahead and clickadd to carton a pack of Nestlé Pure Life+ while you are checking out with your summer essentials!

If you're wanting to try just one flavor first, I personally found an adoration for the Lemon flavor... but honestly, they all are amazing and have unique minerals for normal body functioning and each flavor is extra refreshing in it's own way, so you can't go wrong! Go ahead, add to your cart, and try Nestlé Pure Life+ today!

Beyond constantly trying to stay hydrated, I'm also constantly reminding myself that I need to try to stay present to truly find balance in my life. Playing with my daughter, on her level, and actually engaging is so important right now, to both of us. If you're a parent, I'm sure you understand how important it is to give our kiddos our undivided attention right now, more than ever. The time spent truly "playing" with our kids isn't just for fun, it helps them learn, cope, and feel at peace... and frankly, it helps me do the same.

Today we did a quick little project and I figured I'd share our results. These fun "paintings" were so easy to make and we had a blast making them! I'll be sharing the directions on how we made them tomorrow.

Another way I'm trying to achieve balance in my lifeis by intentionally practicing self-care. I've not always been the nicest to myself, I've been known to bash my looks, point out my flaws, and frankly, I've neglected what my body needs at times. But I feel like I've matured, I'm done with bashing this body, I'm taking the necessary actions to make sure I feel loved and pampered. I'm making sure I take the time to read, do yoga, design, and create, and it feels so good. I'm also finding joy in doing my makeup and just overall feeling more "me" again. It may sound simple, but this step is truly helping me find an inner balance I haven't felt in a long time.

So tell me how do you try and find balance in your life? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

The BEST Way to Make Homemade Bubbles

This year we've spent a ton of time at home, like many people. That means we've been trying to find ways to keep our little wild child occupied... and that involves lots of time spent outdoors, chasing bubbles through our backyard and sometimes even having competitions to see who can make the biggest bubbles.

We used to be the type to buy bubbles from the store...then we experimented and started making our own. Want to make your own...? Here's how:

Learn How to Eat After 7 & Still Lose Weight with 'Always Eat After 7PM'!

Tracking PixelThis post is brought to you by, “Always Eat After 7 PM”. Regardless, the opinions expressed below are my own.

Over my lifetime I've always kind of struggled with my weight, I've fluctuated up and felt uncomfortable in my own skin, I've lost a ton of weight, then gained it all back again during pregnancy, I've slowly worked my way back down to a comfortable number now, but I'm still struggling to lose this last little bit. Honestly, I was growing a bit weary trying all of these different ways to lose with hardly any results.

But, luckily I was offered an advanced copy of, Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge Dinners, Desserts, and Indulgent Snacks—While Burning Fat Overnight by Joel Marion , and I'm so excited to see how this book changes things for me and my weight loss journey, so far, it's been a delightful read thus far - so I thought I'd share here and I plan to continue to share how always eating after 7 is working for me and why I think it may work for you too.

You may be thinking, it sounds like always being able to eat After 7 is too good to be true...doesn't it? What makes this "diet" different from all of the others?

Well, this quote from the beginning of the book sums it up clear as day - "If it looks like I’m handing you another restrictive diet, let me be clear: Always Eat After 7 pm is totally unlike other programs. It defies the most common dietary rules (like “no snacking” and “no carbs”) and it is specifically designed to work with your body’s natural hormonal systems, instead of working against them."

That means you can eat what your body wants, you can snack, you can even have the 'forbidden' carbs most popular diets don't allow, but the best part is, gaining the ability to eat after 7 will renew you each and every day. I love that I'm able to keep up with my sweet girl better and it's because I've found a new way to live...

Honestly, who doesn't want to feel refreshed, like their foodie desires are satisfied, and that they can eat later at night without gaining weight? It pretty much sounds like perfection to me.

 I can't wait to share my results while I continue learning more from this book and trying the supplements Joel recommends, I look forward to hearing your input too!

Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge Dinners, Desserts, and Indulgent Snacks—While Burning Fat Overnight by Joel Marion is now available to purchase. Get your copy here.

Staying Safe & Rejuvenating Your Soul This Summer with Alba Botanica

 This post is sponsored by Alba Botanica but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Life has been extra interesting lately, adjusting to the new normal in Florida has been a whirlwind. I'm sure it feels somewhat similarly everywhere, in some ways. We all are learning and adapting. Here in Clearwater, Florida, now that beaches and many businesses are opening up again, it really feels as though life is "starting again", which is so refreshing and almost inspiring.

Don't get me wrong, we've still been practicing social distancing and embracing the convenience of Walmart grocery delivery. It's a werid, in-between stage for us Floridians right now - it's all so new, yet all very much still the same... and that's so nice and oddly comforting.

As we were in the midst of the chaos, other than our dear family, one of the things I looked forward to seeing again the most was the ocean. So we knew we had to take a little drive to the beach once it opened and we finally had the chance to sneak away earlier this week.

It was beyond rejuvenating to feel the salty air and let the cool ocean water hit our feet. I embraced every second playing tag and giggling with my sweet baby girl as we soaked up the sun... it truly was just what my soul needed and it was done safely, with plenty of space for everyone to share a little slice of tropical paradise. This is what life is all about, in my opinion. Life is meant for moments with your people, in a place of peace and contentment.

Which got me thinking, we should probably be spending more time outdoors, cherishing the time with each other, and less time tuned in - not just in this strange time of ending quarantine, but for the rest of our lives.

I mean, since Delainey came into our lives, we've always kind of had this type of mindset anyways, but this time spent in reflection over the last few months was a good reminder that we truly need to cherish our time together and embrace life and the great outdoors.

With that said, spending time outdoors means we are exposed to some harmful stuff... and I'm not talking about germs or viruses, either. As we all know, the sun is so powerful and in some ways can be beautifully healing, but it also is super strong down here in Florida. Our UV index is usually through the roof, and in turn, I'm constantly applying sunscreen to my little family to try and keep our bodies and our skin as healthy as possible.

This likely isn't a surprise, but I don't just buy and apply any sunscreen... because frankly, they aren't all made the same. I'm truly pretty dang picky since sunscreen is a product we use ALL THE TIME. We've always preferred all-natural sunscreen, but once we tried Alba Botanica there truly is nothing that compared.

I mean, it's hard to compete with a sunscreen that is all-natural, organic, vegetarian, reef-safe, and affordable... and did I mention, I just stocked up on all our favorite Alba Botanica Sunscreens via

It was so easy to order -  I decided we needed to go to the beach, then realized we were running low on sunscreen, so I clicked on over to Walmart, did a few click-a-roos, added the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Coconut Clear Spray Sunscreen to my cart, as well as 4 other amazing Alba Botanica sunscreens, submitted my order, and drifted off to sleep. Shockingly, my order arrived the very next morning. I'm talking less than 12 hours after I placed my order, either has upped their delivery capabilities or the Sun Gods were looking out, because fate was on my side and we had the most epic stash of sunscreen to prove it.

Why do I love Alba Botanica so much? Let's look past the obvious, I adore the fact that it's all natural and environmentally friendly... and we'll start with the amazing smell. From the fruity amazing-ness of the Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen for Kids to the delicious scent of coconut from the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Coconut Clear Spray Sunscreen, I'm just gaga over their sunscreen.

Not only does it smell amazing, I also love the fact that it goes on smooth - which is HUGE when trying to apply sunscreen to a wiggly, excited kiddo. The lotions are creamy and rub in quickly and the spray sunscreens like the Alba Botanica Sensitive Fragrance Free Clear Spray Sunscreen go on easily and evenly, just what we need for sun-soaked beach days.

We don't just use Alba Botanica at the beach, though... it's something I always have in our "adventuring" satchel and we usually apply a quick layer before heading out to explore anywhere. Whether we are hiking in the nature parks or trekking into "the great unknown" that is our backyard, I love knowing that I'm keeping our skin healthy and protected with Alba Botanica. Want to try it for yourself? Add Alba Botanica Hawaiian Coconut Clear Spray Sunscreen SPF 50 or maybe the Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen Kids SPF 45 to your next Walmart order!

Beyond sunscreen, this summer I'll be trying to keep our family safe and healthy, while still exploring and learning together. How do you plan to spend your summer?