January 10, 2022

The Update on Baby #2: 28 weeks Pregnant with ___________!

Finally sharing another update related to my pregnancy! 

I feel like I shared more when I was pregnant with Delainey, but that's likely because I had more free time. With that said, I'm 28 weeks and a couple days pregnant and yes, I count those couple of days because I'm legitimately counting down the minutes until my due date.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for this baby. I consider her a blessing and I'm beyond excited to meet her, but I'm gonna be the one to say it - Pregnancy isn't always fun, it's not always rainbows and butterflies. It's kicks to the ribs and long, restless nights of trips to bathroom and charlie horses, it's heavy, it's uncomfortable at times, and it's down-right tough at other times... But it's rewarding, the end result makes you forget all that other stuff. Once I meet this baby girl, I know I'll fall in love and I have a feeling I'll miss this stage of my life - that's just the way things work.

It's funny. I went from craving flaming hot cheetos my entire pregnancy thus far, to going weeks without eating even one this past month. I have yet to finish off a bag that's been in my pantry forever and I'm not gonna lie - I don't know if I ever will.

I've been craving sweets, like a mad woman, and I occasionally indulge - but on the other hand, I balance my diet by eating salads like they are going out of style. Lately any salad with fruit in it and a good savory dressing is my favorite.

One thing, out of many things, that is different with this pregnancy vs when I was expecting Delainey is the fact that I think my belly button may "poke out" soon. I've always had what I would describe as a completely "innie" but this pregnancy has it looking (and feeling) a little more like an outie!

This past month we painted baby's room a super girly shade - premium pink, we hung up a light that matches her theme, put together her furniture, and started to organize the clothing I've held on to since Delainey was little and the few items we've been given.

I finalized my registry,  you can take a peek here if you were interested in looking. I don't expect anyone to buy us anything, I've just been adding things to our list and keeping track of what we still could use.

Beyond all of that, I've been debating with myself (and my husband) about what her name should be. Should she have one middle name or two? Should she have a name starting with the same letter as big sister or should we give her a name that isn't as trendy? Naming a kid is hard, naming your second kid is harder. For now, we'll just assume this kid will eventually have a name and hopefully soon I'll be able to announce it!

So tell me, how many kids do you have? Were your pregnancies completely different from one another? What about your kiddos - are they similar or complete opposites? If you don't have kids, tell me about the family you grew up with, what was the dynamic like with your siblings and you?

I wanna hear the scoop.

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