Coronavirus: Finding Comfort in FACTS and Personal Stories of Those Who Have Recovered!

By Lauren Harmon - Monday, March 16, 2020

Here's the deal, I'm going to be as real as possible with you all... I panic about everything - and I mean everything. I have anxiety and it's basically been out of control for years. From having my loved one's drive home on holidays to seeing someone's child playing alone near a busy street, I'm a worry wart and I literally can't help it, I'm constantly in a state of high anxiety and I never stop worrying. It's not healthy, I know, but it is who I am.

Maybe I've been preparing for something like this my whole life, but now I'm ready... and I'm again worried AF and my anxiety is through the rough surrounding Coronavirus, but I've also learned to research to help squelch my fear some and that's why I'm writing this post today.

So as you probably can guess, I'm a bit worried about Coronavirus. We all are. I'm actually not so worried about catching it, although no one WANTS to catch a bug and deal with all of the issues that come along with it - I'm more worried about how it's going to effect others around me, how it will effect us as a nation, and more specifically how it's going to damage our economy.

The mass shut down of schools and businesses is beyond alarming. From Disney World to Busch Gardens, in our area, several MAJOR entertainment venues are closed... and that, my friends, is amazing but ALSO terrifying. It's amazing because it means we are being proactive, getting ahead of the curve but... terrifying because in Florida our main source of revenue is tourism, i.e. entertainment attractions.

I'm not saying these businesses should have kept their doors open for the money, because that's just greedy and gross... but I am saying my state's economy is going to take a hard hit - as well as many other states.

While I sit here and dwell on the numbers, I've recently found some comforting sources regarding COVID-19 and I figured since we are all a bit alarmed, I'd share that information with the masses... so let's push our fears of the economy dwindling to the side for a moment and focus on the facts.

I'll start with possibly the most important and definitely the most reliable source of information regarding 'rona... the WHO. No, not the band, the World Health Organization. I'm personally not a fan of the main stream media, but I can get on board with an organization designed to benefit the world's health... and I think most of us can respect that.

My main comfort I've found while visiting the WHO website is the "Situation Reports". These are DAILY reports, sharing the facts. Numbers from each country, not just alarming percentages but actual numbers. I've seen the numbers fall in china, I've noticed the percentages reported looked a lot less alarming when looking at overall numbers and not just percentages. It's interesting to see how the media has twisted this into scaring us instead of just reporting the facts, but I digress.

Another place I've actual found comfort was people's PERSONAL accounts of how their body handled the virus.

This young woman had the virus and recovered and decided to share her personal experience with COVID-19 to hopefully help others. She shared how easy it is to transmit, she also shared her experience and how she managed to recover without any issue.

This gentleman also contracted the virus and hearing that he recovered with rest and gatorade made me go from a level 100 of fear to maybe a 10... which is about as "comforting" as life can get, at this point in this mass hysteria.

Beyond comforting personal accounts from people who have had COVID-19 and looking at the numbers, this is something we all have to whether together... stop hoarding supplies and start sharing with your neighbors. Wash your hands. Say a prayer or meditate. Spend time with your kiddo or another family member... and just try and relax, to the best of your ability.

This isn't the apocalypse, we don't need to fight one another, we need to be practicing social distance and making sure we all have what we need to survive while we wait for this to blow over.

With that said, how do YOU feel about this virus and how it's ravaging our country? Are you scared or are you ready for the hysteria to be over? Do you have other personal accounts that I could add to my list to help others find comfort in knowing this isn't the end of the world? Tell me about it in the comments, I'm genuinely curious to know how everyone is feeling and would love to find more personal stories regarding the virus!

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