January 3, 2020

Fight & Cure Viruses This Winter with Remedies That Actually Work - Fight the 2020 Flu Bug!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, regardless all opinions expressed below are my own.

There's a pretty gnarly flu bug floating around the nation, we managed to catch it while flying back home to see family and we've fighting it since.

It basically took our house hostage, for over a week, but I am finally adjusting back to life without waking up hacking every night again, D is still fighting her cough but mostly her normal self, and hubby is still recovering - but overall we BEAT the bug and I wanted to share how since we know what a doozy this really is.

This flu is different than others, we actually never got the elevated fever but had all the other symptoms to a tee. So know that if you don't have all the "influenza" symptoms, that you may still have the flu - or a similar virus.

If you're currently fighting it, know that "this too shall pass" and persevere... and this is a given, but if your symptoms become abnormally bad be sure to visit your doctor too!

With that said, let me start by saying, I'm not a medical professional - BUT this is what worked for us:


1. Electrolyte Water to help keep your body hydrated, even when nothing else sounds good.


2. Elderberry Syrup to help boost your immune system (for the family).

3. Zinc Tablets to help shorten the symptoms (only for the parents).



4. Emergen-c or Airborne drink mix to offer immune support and boost your vitamin C, allowing your body to fight off the virus quickly.


5. Essential Oils are a must, we set up our diffuser and use some of our favorites from Eden's Garden to help make breathing easier (be careful with oils and research before use).


6. Cool Mist Humidifier is a necessity, if you are dealing with a cough. I would not have been able to sleep without ours and it has helped ease D's symptoms as well.

7. Fresh Cool Air is a given, but something that helped our family greatly. Any time D is experiencing a rough night, one of the first things I do is step out on our back porch and let her take some deep breaths. It always helps calm her coughing fits and my own as well.

8. Steam Showers on the other hand, have also helped us immensely. Without steam showers I don't think any of us would've been able to sleep this week.

9. Theraflu pods were a life saver for myself. D obviously can't drink these, but being able to have one of these warm drinks (with some meds also in it) seriously healed me so quick. I went from being miserable to feeling human within an hour, every single time I drank one.

10. Rest is another given for fighting the bug, but one that truly helped our family so it's something I feel I need to mention.

11. Nose Frieda is a nose suction device that your kid will HATE, but will make them feel better within seconds. We suction D's nose and she can instantly breath easier, even if she is fuming mad.

12. Similasan Kids Cough & Cold Relief was another life saver for us with D. We have both the day & night formulas now and swear by this brand, it's a natural cough syrup that has helped her in the past but especially helped fight this bug and it's safe for any kiddo ages 2+.

So tell me, have you caught this terrible bug that's been spreading like crazy across the nation? I hope not, but if you have - I'd love to hear how you "survived" it and what helped you the most!

And to those of you that encourage others to get the flu shot, that's your choice - but it's one we opt out of year after year, after contracting a terrible case of the flu after receiving the shot years back. I'm not saying anything against others who choose to get it, we just don't in our house and even after experiencing the flu again - I still hold true to my decision.

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