30 Things to Let Go Of So You Can Live a Happier, Healthier, More Productive Life!

Letting things go can be hard at times, but letting these 30 things go will be life changing for you.

Things to let go of in 2020:

1. Comparing yourself to others.
2. Feeling sorry for yourself.
3. Spending money on items you don't need.
4. Being obsessed with viewing others "perfect" social media lives.
5. Fearing the unknown and the anxiety that comes with that fear.
6. Holding on to hurt.
7. Putting off vacation.
8. Feeling jealous.
9. Toxic relationships.
10. Waiting for the "right time".
11. The need to control every detail of everything.
12. relying on others to make you feel complete.
13. Avoiding the real world.
14. Keeping up with the Jones'.
15. Your hesitation to enjoy life to the fullest.
16. Creating unrealistic expectations for yourself.
17. Fearing failure.
18. Living in the past.
19. Worrying about what others think about you.
20. Living a disorganized life.

21. Trying to control the people around you.
22. Being TOO busy for everything.
23. Analyzing and picking apart situations.
24. Trying to fit in.
25. Blaming others for your problems.
26. Friends who don't care about your best interests.
27. Avoiding change.
28. Being afraid to BE you!
29. Holding on to useless items.
30. Avoiding the truth.


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