September 6, 2019

Some of My Favorite Feel Good Foods

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As you may or may not have noticed, I've lost about 35lbs recently and I'm doing everything I can to keep that weight off... while still trying to enjoy myself and the foods I eat. It's been a task learning what triggers my weight gain and finding things that actually taste delicious, but luckily Babbleboxx had my back this month and they introduced me to 4 new items I'll be regularly adding to our grocery list! Want to know my new favorite foods that help keep me on track with my goals?

Well, I've got excellent news - that is what's happening right now! We will start with something that I legit adore - the Evol Fire Grilled Steak Bowl. It's the perfect mixture of deliciously tender steak (raised without antibiotics) with black beans, white rice, red and green bell peppers, roasted corn, and cheddar cheese, all mixed with an INSANELY tasty cilantro lime pesto sauce... and the best part? I can quickly heat these up for both hubs and I because it's GLUTEN FREE too!

Evol's commitment to quality is so obvious in every single bite and luckily they minimally use sugar so I never worry about munching down on all the delicious bowl options they offer... and did I mention they also have some amazing vegetarian options too?

Speaking of no worries, I love the Gardein Nashville Hot Chik'n Tenders I received so much for several reasons - I mean not only are they insanely delicious, they are certified vegan - something I absolutely love! Whether I'm looking for a delicious choice for meatless Monday's or a snack any day, these are definitely always going to be on my grocery list and stocked in my fridge!

The tenders are the perfect non-GMO verified snack, especially paired with ranch, and since they are powered by plant protein I never feel any guilt eating them! Plus they are absolutely spicy enough to knock your socks off - something I can totally get on board with!

Next on my list of new favorites, the Healthy Choice Grain Free Power Bowls with Spicy Beef Teriyaki. Braised all-natural beef with tons of veggies, served on even more veggies (delicious riced cauliflower), all in a sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce - what's not to love?

All the Healthy Choice Grain Free Power Bowls are actually favs now, with 18-20 grams of protein and 5-7 grams of fiber per bowl - they have just what I need to power through my day and feel no guilt about what I chose to fuel my body!

Another no-guilt addition to our food routines may just be the best on the list, the Udi's Sweet Potato Crust Chicken BBQ Pizza is seriously the bomb dot com. The Sweet potato crust is unexpectedly crispy in just the right way, topped with the most amazing mozzarella and smoked gouda cheese, sweet BBQ sauce, and white meat chicken - it's seriously gourmet quality!

The thing is, I can quickly pop in it in the oven and not even stress, plus since it's certified gluten free so I can feed it to my family without worrying about allergies. That's a win in my book.

So tell me, how do you keep your eating habits in check? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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