January 24, 2019

4 Ways for Busy Mamas to Embrace Some "Me Time" (when they have the chance)

 This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


Let's just cut to the chase here - being a parent is the most rewarding and the most tiring job any of us will ever have. Whether I'm slicing up my sweet girl's grilled cheese into tiny triangles or dancing to Baby Shark for the 30 billionth time, Delainey is my reason for everything I do. I'm not complaining about this fact... just stating it. I literally cherish every second with her because she is my dream come true.

While she's my everything, I know I'm not the only mama struggling to find the time to breathe during this stage of life. I mean, my little dream baby is two - so with her sweet moments, she has her more questionable, less desirable toddler terror tantrums too, as you can imagine if you also have kiddos. Occasionally she snuggles and is the sweetie I love, but lately she is howling because she didn't get the right type of cracker or thrashing around because the color of the grass is different in the spot she likes to stand while blowing bubbles. It's really a toss up lately on which version of my toddler I'm going to be dealing with.

I love spending the good and the more trying fit-throwing moments with my princess, I also have come to learn I need "me time" to be sure I'm the best version of myself I can be for her. After all, if my cup isn't full, how can I pour into another? With that said, I've been mastering the art of "me time" in 2019 while hubby takes D on little adventures (or while she's napping and he's working on his honey-do-list). It hasn't been easy learning to take the time for me, but it's been rewarding when I actually have the chance to think and breath.


So we'll start there, with my list of ways I've learned to embrace my me time when I actually have a moment to myself --

1. Breathing exercises- It may sound silly but learning to breathe can truly be relaxing. I have been listening to  meditation podcasts on occasion and I'm not even lying, the benefits are overwhelming! From making sure I'm connected to my inner self, to maintaining healthy habits like good posture and practicing focus - I love how beneficial a little meditation time has been lately and if I could give anyone some advice on how to use their alone time - it's to meditate any chance you get!

2. Tea Time - On the same note, have a cup of tea any chance you get, more specifically Celestial Seasonings Tea! In so many flavors and variety, it's always hard for me to pick a flavor to try each time we hit Walmart - this time I decided to get a few, because who doesn't love options?


The flavors I couldn't resist were Peppermint, Country Peach Passion, and Honey Vanilla Chamomile - the perfect variety to add to my stash and each one more delicious and flavorful than the next!

I've found that not only do the delicious flavors of Celestial Seasons Tea amuse my taste buds, the benefits of drinking the warm tea water is actually pretty awesome for my digestive system too... and there's just something so calming and rejuvenating about a nice warm cup of tea. On the other hand, it's great served iced too!


The benefits don't stop there though - I also have to brag on the fact that Celestial Seasons Tea, as a company, is thoughtful too. All of the boxes are made from recycled boxes and the tea bags are stringless, truly showing dedication to a more sustainable world! So any time you have a second, boil some hot water and get to sippin' some eco-conscious tea!


3. Books - Another way I've learned to really embrace time to myself is to read. It's something I don't get the opportunity to do in silence very often so any time my little nugget & daddy slip away, one thing I love to do is read a chapter of a book I'm trying to finish!

If you're like me, you may have so much on your plate that you don't even have the chance to read a physical book, maybe the next time you're working on something like paying bills or ironing press play on an audiobook - I do this whenever I'm gluing blooms late at night and I've loved being able to "read" more without sacrificing time spent working - it's like stealing a moment of alone time without really taking one in some ways!  Either way, providing your brain with knowledge is a great way to spend time - so grab a book or snag an audio book and start reading!

4.  Budgeting and Planning - The last tip doesn't sound like it's relaxing or embracing alone time- and in reality, it isn't... it's stressful to budget and plan for the future, but it's something that relaxes me in the long run. Anxiety creeps up on me if I don't have a budget and a plan in place, so when I have some extensive alone time, one thing I like to do is start planning. For my businesses, for our family outings, for our finances - planning is part of my plan to revive in 2019 and so far it seems to be working out well.


So tell me, how often do you get the chance to unwind and how do you embrace your alone time? Want to try Celestial Seasons Tea? Find it here.

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