December 30, 2018

Fight the Flu Bug & Cold Viruses with These 4 Easy Tips to Keep You Healthy this Season!

This post is sponsored by Theraflu but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It's that time of the year - well, there's technically lots of "that's" that I could be referring to... and while I wish this was all about pumpkin pie or christmas lights - today I'm talking about flu & cold season.

That's right, those nasty viruses and bugs are floating around and I'm doing my best to battle them before they hit our house. But, sometimes they sneak in to our house & we are feeling ill before we even realize it.

Instead of waiting it out, anytime I feel a scratch in my throat or start to get a cough - I take it on head first... I'm doing sick differently this year. Want to know how you can battle the bugs this year? Here's my list of ways to make sure you are truly "living your best life":

1. Sip on this - Theraflu Powerpods are the answer to your sick woes. That's right, there is a new way to tackle the cold and flu season with Theraflu PowerPods — “do sick differently” and get fast relief, brewed instantly. Compatible with almost all single serve brewers, these little babies are literally brewed in seconds and SO valuable for those of us sniffling and sneezing already this season.

Whether you are just feeling it come on or in the thick of it, I suggest you head to Walmart and grab a pack of these handy little cups! Stick one in your brewer - Press. Sip. Relief - it's THAT easy!

They come in a night time formula to help you get some sleep by relieving your severe cold and flu symptoms including nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, headache, body aches and fever. Obviously, please only use as directed.

Want to learn more about these pods? Click here.

2. Use essential oils for everything - Next on my list for battling the cold season is essential oils. We use a variety of oils in our diffuser to keep the air fresh & clean in our house and we even apply some blends to our wrists on the toughest of days.

3. Sanitize after every outing - That's right, we bust out the hand sanitizer or wash our hands after we leave almost everywhere we go. I'm not a germaphobe but I do want to avoid getting sick so I help D learn to keep her hands clean. If we go to the library and do a lot of play time with the toys there, we ALWAYS make sure her hands are clean before we leave. Touching a cart at Walmart? Use the in-store provided wipes and avoid getting anyone else's germs! The way I look at it is, it's easy to clean two little hands or the cart... (or whatever else) but it's definitely not easy being sick.

4. Live healthy - This one may be obvious but a healthy diet & exercise are vital parts of keeping your immune system strong! In our house during flu & cold season we eat extra fruits and veggies and spend more time getting our heart racing - that way we are doing all we can to help our body thrive!

With that said, how do you plan on fighting the flu bug & cold viruses this year? Be sure to check out how Theraflu PowerPods could help you this season!

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