August 15, 2018

Back to School Favorites for My "Big Kid" with Babbleboxx

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It's that time of year, autumn is hinting it's near with fashion trends changing, the temperatures slipping a little bit lower, and kids heading back to school. While my toddler isn't going to "school" this year, she is going to start a few educational classes so I figured we better allow her the royal treatment with school supplies, a new "school year" routine, and all... I mean, after all she thinks she's a "big kid" now, so we may as well start getting her into the routine of a big kid.

While she's still not sure what big kids do, Delainey loves the idea of getting on a school bus and heading off to learn.  It may partially be because she's seen episodes of The Magic School Bus, but she is obsessed with the idea. I mean, not just obsessed, this girl WANTS to learn. You can hear it in her voice when she squeals every time she sees something new and educational or when a bus drives by. It's so amusing to me the way she pays attention to anyone trying to teach her, it just proves to me that I have a little learner on my hands and I will always embrace that curiosity and encourage her to follow it.

So, if you're like me, trying to find ways to ease your kids into the idea of a new school year routine, I think you'll be interested to find out what Babbleboxx sent me this month. These Back to School goodies are too amazing not to share with you, so let's get this party started!

First, we'll discuss the cuteness of these Zenni Optical glasses. I mean, seriously?! We pair them with everything from our favorite play clothes to our boutique brands. Not only are these adorable, they're GOOD for her eyes too. That's right, they aren't just a costume addition to her wardrobe, these babies block harmful light with UV+ Blue Blockers! The best part is, she loves wearing them and looks like a total mini-hipster in them, which is too precious in my book.

If your babe happens to need a prescription, Zenni Optical has you covered there too! Check out their kids eyewear line and be sure to stock up on all the order pairs of specs your heart desires.

Speaking of desire, my mini me has an odd obsession with scissors. Not in an unhealthy way, of course. I think she's so obsessed because mama's always holding a pair - after all, between making blooms and crafts for the blog she sees mama using scissors all the time.

Luckily, I finally found a pair that I trust her to use as I'm crafting up some goodness. Westcott's line of scissors are the best. I actually use the Carbo Titanium pair daily to help create pretties and they slice through felt like butter... and D has used her kid scissors to rock out some amazing snowflakes lately and she's in love with cutting up her playdoh (and anything else I let her chop up)! Interested in learning more about the World's favorite scissors brand? Check them out here.

One part of my childhood that I absolutely couldn't wait to share with Delainey when we heard she was a girl, was actually gel pens. Gel coloring pens were the most coveted, respected part of any girl's back to school supplies when I was little... so when D and I opened the box and saw the all of the BLOT School Supply gel pens we both squealed like little school girls to get our hands on so many new pretty pens!

Not only did BLOT spoil her with the Mini Gel Pens in every color, they also sent over Ombre Pastel Gel Pens, Signature Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Mini Highlighters, and Mechanical Pencils... so she's pretty much the coolest little toddler on the block now. I'm not gonna lie, I'm likely going to be scribbling right along with her using the gel pens - because sometimes it's fun to act like I'm a kid again.

Speaking of being a kid again, another part of my childhood that was included in this month's Babbleboxx was the ADORABLE Osh Kosh Kitty outfit! This is a company I remember wearing since, well... forever! So as you can imagine, I was tickled to see the brand had sent her such an adorable outfit. Osh Kosh is one of those brands that everyone knows and trusts, but the way they design clothes is fresh and fun - which makes them one of our favorites. Delainey especially LOVED the kitty design and I'm pretty sure the tutu leggings will be a staple in her wardrobe until they are bursting at the seams.

Visit to get your hands on this adorable outfit and more and use these codes to help you save a bit on your next purchase (in store code - [038222] or online code - [OKBG3549]) - Codes only valid through September 30, 2018 & exclusions do apply.

Another item in the box that I adore is actually something I didn't have in my childhood, but I feel so blessed that I'm able to share with Delainey is the Snip-Its hair prodcuts! This miracle styling spray and wax pomade are life changing.

I had a wild head of curls all my entire life and hated it until I learned how to properly manage it... so teaching Delainey how to manage and take care of her curly mop is a priority on my list of lessons to teach her. Luckily this should be a simple lesson to teach now that we found Snip-Its. The styling spray is pretty much the answer to any curly girly mama's head and the pomade allows me to create texture without a heavy, wet look. It's safe to say we're both fans of these kids natural hair products and she LOVES getting to help do her hair now.

Last but not least in our Babblebox was the Sprout Organic Crispy Chews and Curlz! Two new snacks that D is super fond of! The Crispy chews are the perfect mixture of sweet and crunch and D is always asking for more of these - which is a-okay since they're pure ingredients (like fruits & veggies) which are certified organic & non-gmo! The Curlz are chickpeas and lentils in disguise, coated with a delicious blend of white cheddar cheese... and they leave Delainey saying "CHEESE" everytime.

Want to supply your kiddos with a wholesome, organic kid snack filled with plant powered protein? Get your hands on some Curlz & Crispy Chews now!

So tell me, which item in this month's Babbleboxx sparked your interest the most? I'd love to hear how you prepare your kids for the school year or your kids that are just starting classes (like Miss D) in the comments below!

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