December 4, 2017

How I Spent My Weekend as a Long-Term Investor...

Guess what I did this weekend?

I spent the whole weekend having fun as a family and while we were having a blast at our favorite amusement park, we also invested in our future. I guess you could say I spent the weekend where investors belong.

And... Can I just say, we honestly enjoyed our time together more than normal!

You may be asking yourself, the question " why was this weekend better than any other"?

Well, several reasons. It was partially because our 9 year wedding anniversary is coming up and we had the chance to celebrate with our tiny little princess. It likely had to do with the fun rides, the cute animals, and all the other exciting stuff we saw at Busch Gardens,because we weren't worrying about our future.

I was overjoyed to realize we can celebrate the way we want to, we can enjoy moments together as a family, and we can do this all without stressing about planning for our future.

What's different about Vanguard? This is a community of investors all focused on long-term planning, instead of short term fads.

I found it interesting when I learned Vanguard clients spend 6 more hours per week, on average, with their kids compared with clients of other investment firms. That means you'll essentially be investing in time with your child now and forever... and to me, and many of you, that's invaluable.

  Want to learn how you can invest in "time" and your future? Whether you want more snuggletime with your spouse, a couple extra hours of fun with your kiddos, or maybe you're just looking for somewhere to invest your money. Check out how Vanguard can help you invest wisely.

The Where Investors Belong survey was conducted by market research firm Kelton Global in 2016. It polled 1,000 Vanguard clients and compared them with 1,000 clients of other investment firms. All differences between Vanguard clients and clients of other investment firms are statistically significant at the 95% confidence level. The parental stat refers to clients with children of any age who provided the number of hours per week they typically spend with their children or who, compared to other people they may know, believe to be more involved in their child’s life. . The experiences of these Vanguard clients may not be representative of the experience of other Vanguard clients and aren’t a guarantee of future investment performance or success.

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