November 27, 2017

A Letter to My Daughter: This is The End & The Beginning


My sweet one -

As I sit here, writing this letter to you, my dear daughter, I can't help but laugh and cry simultaneously.

This is such a joyous time in our lives, you're gaining independence, you are becoming a little tiny woman... and I'm so incredibly blessed to get to be a witness to the miracle that is your life. I'm so thankful to be the arms you run to, the one that you seek comfort in, and occasionally still, your source for nourishment.

With that said, we've been slowly cutting down on feedings, going from the moments when I thought it would never end, when all that would comfort you was cluster feeding, to each day slowly lessening the time you spent nursing, and now... well, now you only need me for a tiny bit of time each day, mainly suckling as a source of comfort as you drift off to sleep.

And as you lay here, I can't help but feel pure adoration watching you slowly go from your wild, curious self to a sleepy, sweet little bundle of love. I also can feel my heart getting a little heavier, my soul aching because these sweet moments with you will soon come to an end.

My sweet girl, it's so crazy to me how quickly you have grown. You are now almost fifteen months old, that's almost 456 days of pure love and devotion - each day dedicating several periods of time to special, sweet moments between just you and I.

That's over 450 days we have spent together - learning, growing, struggling, and successfully mastering breastfeeding, 10, 950 hours since your first latch and so many minutes spent admiring your beautiful face while watching you receive the nourishment you have loved so much.

Through every bit of pain as we had to adjust our position and finally learned to get an excellent latch I knew nursing you was the right choice. For each and every inch that you've grown and each time we've seen the scale go up a pound, we've celebrated our achievement. Each time you peek up at me, every time I see the way you embrace me, I know, deep within my soul every single second of our 15 month breastfeeding journey was worth it.

Breastfeeding isn't just something we have experienced though, it's part of who we both are... and it has been since you took your first breath. So seeing this all come to an end is bittersweet and amazing in so many ways.

Maybe it's knowing that you need me that makes ending this all so hard, maybe it's the fact that it's truly a connection unlike any other... I'm not sure. But as the tears stream down my face as I think of you, my little nursling, I know and will always know breastfeeding you was the best decision I could ever make and I wouldn't take a second of this journey back.

You are worth it.

And, although our breastfeeding journey is coming to an end soon, this is only the beginning of another more amazing journey together. Just remember, I'll always be here to comfort you, I'll always be the one that helps you to learn, who encourages you to grow, and who hopefully helps you achieve success through the struggles.


Always & Forever,

Your mama

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