A Day in The Life of Delainey


Life is funny, I used to dream of being a mama... and now look at me. Parenthood is more than I dreamed of, I'm not going to lie, everyday is centered around catering to my sweet girl. I spend every second wrapped up in a lack of sleep and a constant state of concern for her well-being, mixed with an overwhelming amount of love and pride. I could have never imagined how much her little cry would break my heart and how amazed I would be each time she does something new. It's like I knew being a mother would be this amazing experience, but I had no idea how incredible it really is to have someone call me mama... until it happened.


I'm not going to pretend everyday is perfect, because... we're human. Some days D is a sassy mess and on occasion, I can be the sassy one. I like to think we are the type to only serve up organic fruits and spend hours every day doing DIY activities, but the reality is some days we don't change out of our jammies because we are too busy watching Sid the Science Kid and eating food from a pouch. The truth in the matter is, as long as we love her and protect her, I think she'll be alright.


With that said, today I want to give you a little view inside our daily life. Today I'm sharing what a Day in the Life of Delainey looks like.

5:30AM - Time to wake up, family! Delainey wakes up almost every morning and wants to nurse and snuggle.


6:30AM - Daddy and Delainey get up and start their day. Lucky mama gets to sleep in. Typically this duo makes espresso for us and then spends a little time outdoors.

7:00AM - Snack time for Miss D. She can't stand the idea of waiting for breakfast so she needs something pronto! Usually it's a teething cracker or some fruit, but it depends on the day.

8:00AM - Delainey helps her Daddy make breakfast... and she loves it. Watching him cook is a favorite activity of hers.

8:30AM - Mama wakes up and plays while breakfast is being served!

9:00AM - Still eating breakfast, typically tossing pieces down to her dog... unless it's blueberries, strawberries, banana pancakes, or avocado - then those are all hers!

9:30AM - Time to clean up, polish off with a tiny bit of milkies (and usually we sneak in a bath... which she still isn't really a fan of).


10:00AM - Simple as that. Read her a book, give her some milk, and snuggle and the girl is out for a nap.

11:20AM - Delainey is usually bright eyed and bushy tailed by this time. We normally get dressed for the day and take on some activities, like modeling for our favorite small shops or a fun DIY project!


12PM - Lunch time rolls around quick everyday. Since we have practiced Baby Led Weaning, typically D just has some of what we're having or we make something just for her. From noodles to jackfruit, she has a variety and loves it all.

12:30 - We play a little and burn off that energy!

1:00 - We read books, we play in her room, she roams the halls on all fours and sometimes she chases after the dog.


1:30 - This is around the time we have started to give her a daily dose of probiotics! Which one do we use? Evivo!


I recently shared a post about items every breastfeeding mama and baby need and mentioned that we were using Evivo. What I think I need to mention again is why we're choosing to give her a daily dose of Evivo...? The answer is simple. Evivo helps restore and maintain health in a baby's gut! I like to think of it like this - if good gut bacteria are thriving at this age, it's more likely that she'll have a healthy metabolism and immune system later in life. I want to set her up for success, that's we choose Evivo.


2:00 - It's usually time for a second nap around now....

3:30-4:00 - It's wake up time... and someone is ready to explore.


4:30-5:30 - Depending on if her Daddy is home or not, we spend time outside exploring, do water play, have fun with DIY projects, and well, occasionally, we are slackers and we just watch some TV during this time.

5:30 - And just like that, it's time to chow down again. This girl loves her food so she eats solids like it's nobody's business.

6:00 - By this time she is playing in her room, we start her night routine by reading a little and getting her pjs on.

6:30 - Around now she starts to nurse to sleep and she's out by around 7-ish...

And then it starts all over again the next day!


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