7 Tips to Help You Perfect The "Instagram Flatlay"

Brand repping has a range of duties, from showing off the shop owners work to showing love on social media. Most of it is actually pretty easy, especially if you love the shop, already play "mama-razzi" and you just enjoy sharing on social media... ahemmmm, I'm not the only mom like that, right?

While repping isn't too incredibly difficult, one thing that takes some practice is an Instagram flatlay. I'm not saying you have to be an artistic genius to achieve a great flat lay... but I am saying you need to have an "eye" for product placement. I don't know if it's the years I put in as a retail manager (shout out to Francesca's Collections) or if I'm using my "painting knowledge", but I absolutely LOVE putting a flat lay together. It's almost like I've created a true masterpiece whenever it all comes together and makes an eye-catching image... and today I want to share how I achieve that look.

Want to perfect your flatlay? Here's a few tips to help you up your game! Oh... and be sure to give us a follow (@Sunkissed_Sweetheart) so you can see these babie and a ton more
bubble romper from k&e couture || bow from Darling Diva Boutique Bows
1. Keep a theme - Instead of going all willy-nilly, choose a "theme" and stick with it. I recently did a few travel related flatlays for some of our favorite small shops. I included things that I planned on having Lainey wear or play with while we were on vacation. Soon I'll be doing Fall and Pumpkin Spice themed flat lays! The possibilities for a theme are absolutely endless, so just pick one and stick with it. Grab that flamingo romper and then walk around the house looking for all things tropical, it's easy once you get the hang of it... and kind of fun to find little bits of your daily life, like baby's favorite book or toy to photograph and capture forever.

bubble from skyroseco || bow from Kenzie's Kollections || sunglasses from Carter's

2. Use a basic background - This one is easy-peasy. Score a foam board from the $1 store and use it to photograph your goodies. It makes your background crisp white and if you use an editing program, it's easy to adjust the white balance and perfect your photo even more!

3. Natural lighting is the key - This is true for all photography, in my book. Natural is best. It looks better and is easier to edit straight off of the camera, so find a well-lit table top or use the futon in your guest room, just chase the indirect sun and find the perfect lighting!

outfit from matilda jane || bow from Darling Diva Boutique Bows

5. Find your style - Here's the thing... there is actually more than one way to do a flat lay. You can build a little tower of adorable-ness and share a "stack lay". You can do a daily post and include an #ootd flatlay that showcases what baby will wear and play with each day, you can only photograph one item, standing alone (which would make for a great "stock photo" type shop image for marketplaces like etsy)! There really are tons of different ways to go about showcasing items... but the easiest is kind of a random, eclectic way of showcasing items. Just placing them perfectly on the foam board and adjusting until it looks just right.

6. Such great heights- While placement of the items is key, making sure you take the photograph from the right angle is of prime importance as well. You'll want to be above your surface, able to shoot from directly above, allowing each item in your flatlay to be showcased perfectly. I use a stool and lay my flatboard on the ground, but do whatever works best for you!

7. Don't take it too seriously - While achieving a great flatlay is something some are able to do on their first try, for others it takes a few times before a shop notices your talent. Don't fret. Just keep working on your flat lay game and I guarantee shop owners will notice and begin reposting soon! Also, don't be scared to try something different. Pair pink converses with a purple outfit, if you like it. Think outside the box and enjoy sharing!


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