July 21, 2017

Six Tips to Help You Reconnect with Your Spouse!

If you're a parent, more specifically a new parent, you know babies make your life SO full of joy, they bring so much love into our lives and well, they take up a LOT of our time too. While I love spending every second with Delainey, "I need coffee" has become my catch phrase and I have barely any time to do anything other than take care of her little wild child self, work, and well, frankly do anything more than breathe most days.

While life with a little nugget is challenging... it's a rewarding challenge and totally worth it! Another challenge I'm having lately is making sure I spend time with my husband, embracing our relationship, and never taking him for granted. I think most new parents can relate, while the love is there - it's hard to find the time to really have a deep conversation or spend time snuggled up binge watching Netflix like you used to, life is all about baby and while that's how it's supposed to be - it's also okay to love on each other some too.

So today, I'm sharing six tips to help you reconnect with your spouse! Whether or not you're a new parent or you are just looking for ways to show your other half some affection. I think you should go ahead and grab a cup of coffee and let's talk...

Tip 1: Schedule time together. I'm not saying you need to have a planner and stickers made just for a little chit-chat in the kitchen, but make plans to spend Saturday morning's drinking your coffee together while the little one is napping.

We personally like to sip on MAX Boost by MAXWELL HOUSE. Why? Because it's just the right amount of caffeine* to perk us up! MAX Boost gives us the little pep in our step we need to get through the day with our bundle of joy... and it's less expensive than our coffeehouse habit too! So, it's a win-win and so easy to make. I just pop a k-cup in and let it brew itself within seconds... amazing, delicious, and strong - just the way I like my coffee!

Tip 2: Get funny. Remember back in your school days when you had "inside jokes" with your best friends? Well, if you're like me, then your hubby is your best friend now... and those inside jokes are key to being able to make each other laugh, even on the toughest days.

Laughter is the best medicine, after all, especially as a new parent. Giggling at this "your mom" mug together like a couple of kids, is one of our little jokes we share.... because who doesn't secretly love a good "your mom" joke? Ha.

Moving on to Tip 3: Play games - Obviously not the bad kind you don't want in a relationship... I mean actual board games. Take advantage of an early bed time, maybe a nap time, or even just a little play time, to get your game on. Spend time enjoying the healthy competition and embrace the time together.

Tip 4: Thoughtful surprises - This tip, in my opinion, is the most important - it really shows you care. Do things like grab your love some roses or a new kind of coffee to try, I suggest the delicious MAX Indulge in Mocha + Salted Caramel. It’s easy next time you make a run to the store for a forgotten ingredient, grab something that makes you think of your love... or maybe take a second to leave a little note on the mirror in lipstick. It's the little things that make the difference, so no need to go grab an iPhone or a diamond ring to make your other half smile - just be sweet and think of your partner and I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect way to surprise them!

Tip 5: Talk it out - If  you don't agree on things, always try to talk it out. From parenting decisions to dinner plans, it's easy to debate and discuss and work things out. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship so be sure to take some time and talk about everything!

Tip 6: Take turns - Do something you know your partner will appreciate, like taking out the trash or waking up with the little one and making the first round of coffee. While it's not spending time together - it's helping each other and that's absolutely the sweetest gesture!

So, there you have it - 6 ways you can try and bring your partner and yourself closer. It's difficult being an adult and managing a tiny little life, but with the help of a little added caffeine* and some love and support from your spouse... it's a lot easier! Interested in trying the MAX Boost and MAX Indulge deliciousness we discussed today? Well, you can snag some of these goodies at your local Walmart for a great deal! With that said, which one will you try first?

So tell me, how do you like to connect with your other half? Do you love going to water parks together or are you more of a sit on the couch and enjoy a movie with your coffee type of couple? I'd love to hear all about your relationship in the comments below!

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