10 Hot Fashion Looks to Make You Look Great in the Cold

Look good during the winter months with these tips!

10 Hot Fashion Looks to Make You Look Great in the Cold

Winter’s wrath may not have visited your region yet, so there’s still time to get ready for the worst of this season’s weather. When it starts to feel like the arctic and the snow arrives, you’ve got to be ready to navigate the outside without freezing. Bundling up for this kind of weather doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of fashion either. Here are 10 cool looks for the girl on the go in a winter wonderland.

1. Brightly Colored Pea Coat

Choosing the right winter coat takes a lot of considerations as well as some thought about what looks best on your figure. One winter coat fashion that looks great on any body type is the pea coat. Pea coats help you retain the shape of your figure because of their smart tailoring. Choose a brightly colored pea coat to make a sharp contrast against the winter white shade of the snow outside.

Look good during the winter months with these tips!

2. Soft Cable Knit Sweater

Underneath of your coat, it’s essential to dress in layers so you stay warm. Cable knit sweaters are a great choice for this time of year. An oversized sweater with a smart knitted pattern could be the perfect style to keep you warm under your coat this winter.

3. Warm Infinity Scarf

While your coat and sweater will keep your torso and arms nice and cozy, they may leave your neck exposed to the elements. To cover this vulnerable area, you’ll need a scarf to pick up the slack. Choose a warm infinity scarf to get the most coverage all around the circumference of your neck. You get a variety of options for your own personal style with this type of scarf.

4. Sleek Lined Leggings

When it’s freezing outside, your legs need maximum warm coverage to keep them protected from the wind and the precipitation. Your best option is something that fits snugly against your skin. Sleek leggings lined with fleece or another material can help keep the cold away while looking great.

Look good during the winter months with these tips!

5. Thick Wool Socks

Socks are another fashion item that matter during the coldest months of the year. Choosing socks that aren’t thick enough could mean a pair of frozen feet and toes. Ideally, you want a thick pair of wool socks that are able to withstand the frigid temperatures and give your toes an extra layer of warmth.

6. Cozy Winter Beanie

When you were little, your mother probably refused to let you out of the house without a hat during the winter. Follow her advice now, and keep your head protected and prevent heat loss with a cute winter beanie to wear over your stylish coif.

7. Tall Waterproof Boots

Navigating slippery walkways and icy sidewalks can be tricky when you need to get to school or work fast. Wearing snow boots all day long at the office isn’t really practical. Instead, try a protective type of footwear, like thigh-high boots, that help keep the snow and water off of your feet while also giving you some style. Online store Tobi offers a selection of shoes and boots that are perfect for the colder months.

8. Light Turtleneck Layer

Underneath of your clothes, you should also consider adding an additional thin layer. A light turtleneck top could be the perfect way to keep you from feeling frozen this winter. This way, you also get a little extra protection for your neck.

9. Fuzzy Fingerless Gloves

Your hands need some coverage as well when it’s frigid outside. You’ve also got to think about something that will make your daily routine more manageable. Fingerless gloves are a great option to keep your hands warm and your fingers free for smartphone access.

10. Chic Tinted Sunglasses

When you’re just about ready, there’s one more thing to add to your ensemble to make the most impact as you trek through the snow, a pair of chic sunglasses. Not only will you look cool and comfortable, but your sunglasses will offer the best protection against the reflected sunlight that comes with a fresh blanket of snow.
If your area is expecting a few inches or feet of snow, get ready with these great fashion pieces that keep your body warm and your style cool. Maintain your style no matter what the temperature is outside with these iconic pieces.


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