November 8, 2016

Delainey Kate: 2 Month Update

Oops, I'm a few days late... but Delainey is two months old as of November 2nd.

In some ways it feels like she's always been a part of my life and I'm in shock that it's only been 2 months... and in other ways, I feel like she just arrived and there's no way it's already been 2 months. Maybe this is just what parenthood feels like though?

Anyways, Baby Delainey had a big month:

She made her first craft with me before Halloween. We made little creatures with paint and her cute little footsies! Speaking of Halloween, that reminds me, she also celebrated her first holiday (other than Labor Day, which doesn't really count)!

She visited an amusement park for the first time and took her first nap on the beach. The amusement park was a joy with her, she slept a lot of the time and loved looking around and spending time outdoors... and well, she napped most of her time at the beach so she still has yet to really see it!

She now maintains eye contact, coos and grunts at us, and smiles all the time! She has a range of different cries that we are learning to identify, one that sounds like she's yelling "MAAAA!" and while it's pitiful it makes us laugh a little before we soothe her.

She is starting to gain control of her little head and loves to be sat up so she can look around at the world and take it all in. She has also rolled herself over a few times during tummy time, although we aren't claiming she can officially roll over yet because it's only happened a couple of times.

She loves being held and bounced around, especially by her daddy. He sings her a song with lyrics he made up for her and it may very well be her favorite song and oh-so-sweet.

Speaking of her favorite things, some other things she seems to favor currently include spending time outside, staring at the ceiling fan and the closet light when it's dark (what we use as a night light), and of course, she loves milk.

We think she may be a redhead, although it's hard to tell! Sometimes her hair has strong hints of red and other times we see blonde. She's a mystery... although, one thing that isn't changing much is her beautiful blue eyes! They are lightening some but still are very blue.

She's finally graduated into size 1 diapers and can fit into some of her 0-3 months clothing! Really, all I know is at two months old she's a dainty thing, but perfect in every way!

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