11 Simple Ways Everyone Can Improve Their Daily Productivity

I try to be as productive as possible, but sometimes life gets in the way... I think most people can relate, unless you are super human. Whether you're a mama of 4 or a busy entrepreneur it's hard to fit everything you want to accomplish into a short 24 hour day! While I'm no expert, I have found a few simple ways to increase my productivity each day and I want to share my secrets with you today.

Improve your daily productivity in just seconds with these 11 tips!

Let's get to the point and start getting productive:

1. Don't spend all day replying to emails (and/or texts). While it's wise to take some time to formulate a great response, don't dwell! Spend a minute or less contemplating what you want to convey and go ahead and hit send before you change your mind.

2. Visualize the end result you desire. It may sound simple but knowing what you want to accomplish makes accomplishing your goal easier because you know what you would like the end product to be.

3. Do the easy things first. If you have a list of tasks to accomplish, get straight to the point and check off your easiest tasks before attempting the difficult - this will save you time and hopefully some energy while allowing you to prioritize and focus on the things that really need your attention.

4. If you work on a computer, like most of us do, it's time to learn and use keyboard short cuts. Simple commands like CTRL and  + can zoom in your screen quickly and save you time and energy. You can set your keyboard up to follow all kinds of commands, use this to your advantage and you'll instantly feel more productive with all of the time you save!

Improve your daily productivity in just seconds with these 11 tips!

5. Start a "note" on your phone with all of your brilliant ideas. These ideas may not result in much more than a passing thought, but they could lead to a new invention or a great new way of accomplishing tasks... it doesn't hurt to write them down and come back later when you have time!

6. Treat your time as money. Stop wasting time twiddling your thumbs or liking your friend's dog photos on Facebook. While it's great to support your friends and their love for pooches, you need to make sure you are using your "work hours" productively - no matter how cute the pup.

7. Manage your anxiety. Don't let the "what if" thoughts get in your way... I know this is easier said than done, but you may find some comfort in yoga, running, swimming, dancing, etc

8. Sleep more, it will result in you accomplishing more and feeling more inspired!

9. Eliminate trivial decisions... Don't waste time trying to figure out what you want to wear or where you should eat, make decisions in advance and stick with them.

10. Make your diet into a routine. This doesn't mean you have to eat the same thing everyday... but if you make regular meal plans and stick with your choices, your life is easier and your body is happier.

11. Let yourself breathe... Sometimes it's okay to take a break, it makes it easier to focus when it's time to come back to the drawing board. Spend some time running around with your kids before you dive into your next assignment, you and your kids will feel better!

Do you have any tips to improve your productivity? I'd love to hear all the details in the comments below!


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