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While pregnancy has somewhat altered my workout routine, it hasn't completely stopped my ability to get-up and go either. I'll admit, instead of jogging or lifting heavy weights, I've been finding easier ways to work out from home that fit into my daily routine. It's best to take it easy, so I've found that yoga seems to be my favorite way to stay fit and balanced while experiencing everything pregnancy has to offer.

If you've been a follower of the blog, you know I've pretty much always been a huge fan of yoga and it's benefits, so when I found Grokker and tried out the 14 day yoga challenge, I knew I immediately found a little community of amazing, fitness-minded people that I could connect with! Not only did I find an amazing source of knowledge, I found a place that makes me feel at ease... my own home, my own little yoga sanctuary plugged right into my very own tv, so I can "attend" classes on my schedule! Do you the smiley smirk on my face in the photo below? This is after I did my yoga routine and as you can tell, I'm glowing & I loved every second of my practice today!

Working out really has never been easier, now that I can gain access to the videos that get my blood pumping within seconds. I know we all want to be healthy and now everyone can live a healthier, happier lifestyle with a simple addition to your daily routine. Whether you decide to work out in the AM or the PM, adding in a little bit of time to set your mind and your body right with yoga is easy using Grokker!

Whether your a beginner or an advanced yogi, you'll find a video that suits your fancy on Grokker and you'll love the variety of fitness, meditation, and healthy cooking videos you'll find on the website as well! There are a lot of sites to find work out material, but with Grokker I think you'll find one of the best ways to tone your body or, in my case, try to maintain a healthy routine daily - it's a fitness solution that actually works for you and with you!

Are you ready to start your workout at your convenience, on your time, on any device you please (even in HD, if you prefer)? Check Grokker out for yourself and score a 2 week free trial! Here's an example of the 14-day Yoga Challenge that initially got me hooked, click play & you'll find out why:

Plus, sign up with this link to receive an exclusive discount of 40% off a monthly membership!!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Grokker.


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