Deck the Halls with Mocktails: The Perfect Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mixer

During the holiday season, it's normal to indulge in spirits - while I love spreading holiday cheer, today I'm talking more about the cocktail type of spirit... the awesome thing is, these aren't really cocktails at all... although they taste like it!

Mocktails line of all-natural, non-alcoholic cocktails are the perfect way to indulge in "spirits" during the holiday without ever actually drinking a drop of alcohol... or if you like to party, these Mocktails cocktails are actually great, healthy mixers as well! Whether you want to surprise the hostess with the mostest or your looking for a gift for a coworker, these little Mocktails are the perfect way to spread holiday cheer!

While the packaging is adorable and the flavors sound delicious, I feel like I should also share how easy these little Mocktails are to whip up! Just add in ice to the package, shake, pour, and enjoy! The flavor options for these non-alcoholic cocktail beverages include Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Red Sangria, and Lemonade Whiskey Sour! Plus, it all comes in at an affordable price of $39.95 for the 4 pack, which serves around 16 people! So what are you waiting for? Surprise someone on your list with the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail or a terrific mixer!

I decided to wrap my Mocktails up in a super inventive way - with just a thin string of hemp, I turn my mixers into the perfect strand of oversized, delicious Christmas lights!

So tell me, who on your list would love to find Mocktails under their tree? Which flavor do you think you would want to enjoy with them first? I can't wait to hear all about it in the comments below!

Thanks to Mocktails for sending over these awesome items so I could include them in my Holiday Gift Guide!
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