My Latest Obsession: Six Beautiful SinfulColors Street Fusion Nail Polish Colors

By Lauren Harmon - Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thanks to SinfulColors for providing samples of these gorgeous shades so that I can provide an honest and super fun review!
SinfulColors Street Fusion Summer 2015

You may have already noticed, but I'm kind of a nail polish fanatic... I change my polish almost as often as I change my clothes so when I saw the new line of Street Fusion shades from SinfulColors, one of my favorite nail polish brands, I knew I had to try every single color! I was overjoyed to receive a sample of these gorgeous polishes from SinfulColors and when I tried each shade out on my nails I fell more and more in love! I've always liked colors that are a little edgy, hence my purple hair, so these colors are right up my alley! I received six shades in the mail: Maroon Fin, Otaku Anime, Sky Tree, Pink Ansen, Fuji Fuji, and  Keira Blu; each color unique and oh so beautiful!

SinfulColors Street Fusion Summer 2015

Maroon Fin is a unique shade of reddish orange, close to a copper. It's perfect for a summertime pedi, classy while remaining a little bit sassy for someone looking for a more mature look!

SinfulColors Street Fusion Summer 2015

Otaku Anime is a bright shade of neon yellow with extra sheen, my favorite simply because it's cheery and unique. It's super fun to pair with glitter too!

Sky Tree is a beautiful shade of teal, I would compare it to the color of the water at the beautiful beaches nearby me... It's stunning on my nails and even more beautiful on my toes!

SinfulColors Street Fusion Summer 2015

Pink Ansen is the perfect princess polish! It's full of pink glitter and sparkle, a little party with a punch - it's girly without being over the top! I loved pairing it with the Sky Tree shade as a top coat!

SinfulColors Street Fusion Summer 2015

Fuji Fuji is my second favorite polish in the bunch, it's so FUN! Big specks of holographic silver glitter and tiny little pieces paired together to make a party of a polish on your nails...

I painted this as a top coat over Otaku Anime and it's a dreamy new age mani that I'll be rocking for a few weeks!

SinfulColors Street Fusion Summer 2015

Keira Blu is a super modern shade similar to my favorite crayon as a kid, a dazzling indigo shade and even more beautiful in person. I can picture a gorgeous pedicure with this as a base coat and Fuji Fuji over the top!

SinfulColors Street Fusion Summer 2015

As I said, I'm totally nail polish obsessed. Are you obsessing over any specific colors this year? I'd love to hear all about your favorite polish of Summer 2015!

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