14 Places to Find Adorable & Affordable Furniture & Home Decor For Your Home

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that we are moving into our new place during the entire month of June, it's been wonderful slowly adding our stuff into our new place and making it our own! I'm still cleaning as we bring things in and buying new things to fit the space, but as you can imagine after a huge deposit for all of our utilities as well as the house, we are kind of strapped for cash. So sadly I haven't been able to run to Pottery Barn to grab the latest styles, but I have some good news... I found so many stylish pieces for our house recently, I had to share where I shop for our home on a budget!

I'm not going to blame our huge deposits for my bargain hunting ways though, I've always been the type that loves finding a good deal! I'm kind of a hoarder in that sense; if it's cute and it's on sale, it's really hard to convince me to walk away from it!

  1. TJ Maxx - with everything from towels to desk organizers to gorgeous frames, I've been able to find a ton of adorable (and affordable) items to add to our walls at TJ Maxx. Off topic, but this shopping tip has saved me a ton of money: if you wear a size 7 or smaller in shoes be sure to look in the children's shoe section for designer shoes in children's sizes (4-6), they'll fit your feet as well! 
  2. Big Lots - If you haven't been to a Big Lots in a while, I know exactly what you are thinking... But I'm 100% serious when I say they have furniture that you may love! I hadn't been to a Big Lots in a long time but as I stepped into their showroom I was impressed. With sectional sofas, cube storage, gorgeous studded headboards, and all kinds of adorable patio furniture sets... I wanted to spend a full paycheck (or two) in there!
  3. Home Depot - As you probably already know Home Depot does not have adorable furniture for the inside of your home (although their patio furniture is on point), they do offer paint and the tools to fix the pieces you find while on the hunt! I'm guilty of wanting to paint brand new pieces of cheaper quality furniture, there's just something about a fresh coat of white paint that looks so nice! If you are a DIY-er like me, you'll end spending quiet a bit of time comparing colors and getting samples at the depot!
  4. Marshall's - A sister store of TJ Maxx, Marshall's is amazing as well! They are my go-to store for adorable knick-knack items and rare finds that are awesome! I love finding furniture there too, but the pieces seem to be kind of hit or miss.
  5. Amazon - Did you know you can buy everything from a coffee maker for the kitchen to a brand new sectional sofa on Amazon? I went a little crazy since we officially got the keys to our house and may have bought a desk, a new shower curtain, all kinds of bathroom decor, and more on there... With that said, I have my eye on a coffee table that is amazing, so as you can probably gather from all stated above - they have what you'll need and a few extra options, always.
  6. Ross - One of my favorite places to bargain hunt for clothes just because one of my favorite places to hunt for home decor. I'm a huge fan of Ross because their prices tend to be cheaper than most other stores and the items I've found have been epic! We love all of our Ross bought decor, including an adorable set of office lights for me in the shape of # and @, I just couldn't pass them up!
  7. Target -Who doesn't love Target, am I right? While browsing the aisles of their storage sale they are having I found 3 storage shelves that I just had to have... They were oddly placed and I almost passed right over them (so you MUST keep an eye out for their bargains), but I found high quality storage shelves for over 75% off and they are AWESOME! I spent sixty some odd dollars for furniture that would have cost me nearly three hundred, where else can you find deals like that?

  8. Salvation Army - I've met a few people that turn their nose up when I mention thrift store shopping, but to them I say, "HA!" I snagged a brand new, gorgeous, microfiber sectional that had been donated by a local chain for around $300, in the showroom it would be at least quadruple that price. I'm also a huge fan of looking for little knick knacks at our Salvation Army, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure after all!
  9. Local Furniture Outlets - We actually found a few end tables that I have my eye on while shopping in our local furniture stores outlet section... While you may have to make a bee-line past the showroom's expensive pieces, you are bound to find something spectacular in their discount section and most of the time the items are just back there because they were part of the showroom for a while. We also have just outlet stores for a few of our local brands and those are full of goodness, Rooms to Go being one of them!
  10. Craigslist - Last, and probably the most frustrating, is good ol' Craigslist. As you know, it's a website where you can find all kinds of things, but the furniture tab and the free tab are where you should concentrate if you are looking for home decor! With deals you won't believe, and sometimes shouldn't, you can find some amazing pieces on Craigslist... and most of the time you can haggle with the seller and get an even lower price, just saying! I've bought several things on Craigslist that turned out to be amazing items but it's kind of one of those "buyer beware" situations, so use good judgment and caution!
  11. Garage Sales - Most people start to accumulate a little bit too much and tend to want to sell their items to make some cash rather than just toss them. I've found so many cool cabinets, dressers, etc. while browsing at garage sales and since you can haggle with most sellers, it's a fun way to get new items to match your style while helping someone else out. We actually will be hosting a garage sale soon, if you live in the area you should stop by!
  12. HSN Outlet (sadly, these are only in Florida) - These stores were new to me, I literally stepped foot in one for the first time last week... but I'm already a fan! I found a Cricut Explore for a steal of a deal... They also had things like bedding, air purifiers, and even remote powered candles. I will definitely be visiting HSN outlet again and if you live in my neck of the woods (or visit often) you should too!
  13. Kirklands - One of my favorite places to find unique, fun items to add to our wall decor and knick-knacks is a store you can typically find in a mall. I love how versatile their collection seems to be each time I set foot in the store. I also love when they have sales because their regular prices aren't exactly budget friendly all the time; when I notice a coupon hit my inbox, you better believe I head towards Kirklands to find something cute for the house!
  14. Ikea - Visiting Ikea is a bit like walking into another world full of the most beautiful rooms, set up perfectly, and organized closets that you can't even begin to envision without seeing them for yourself. I'm obsessed with finding pieces of furniture made by the Scandinavian genius' that are behind everything in this store. We snagged a few succulents, a new dish set, and more... and will be going back with a truck to get the entertainment center soon! While some may say their furniture is cheap, it just depends on what you are shopping for... I love the cabinets, wardrobes, and bed frames they offer and they look perfectly sturdy to me.

My house is totally still a work in progress so I'll probably be on the hunt for some pieces with you... and I'm one of those people that love to change up the decor in each room pretty regularly, so I'll probably never stop furniture shopping. I'm actually considering buying some pieces and "chalk painting" them and then reselling, but we will see if I find any pieces worthy! With that said, I hope that you find some awesome deals in your area and I also hope that one of my suggestions on where to shop leads to a great find for your home! I'd love to hear about it if you've found an awesome deal on a piece of furniture recently... tell me all about it in the comments below!


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