April 29, 2015

Purple Hair + a Real Beaut!

Something you may have noticed recently if you follow me on social media is the fact that I now have purple hair. Not just purple, but a wonderful eye-catching, whimsical shade that still feels refined... As if you couldn't tell by that description, I kind of like my new hair.

You may be saying to yourself, "wait, what, PURPLE?" I know a few people have given me looks questioning if I'm gothic and maybe painting my nails black the same week wasn't the best idea but... I love my hair. Yes, I took a big ol' jump off the metaphorical hair ledge and plunged into a deep, dark, lovely shade of violet and I'm madly in love with it.

It may come as a shock if you're a long time reader, I've had blonde/ombresque hair for a while now and while that style was cute for a few years, I was ready for a change.

This change doesn't necessarily signify anything of importance, although I am graduating with my associates after this semester and possibly taking on some new, exciting projects. I also stopped shampooing my hair (not in a hippie-flippy type of way but in a make-your-hair-healthier type of way, more on that later). This change was more about refreshing my style, starting a-new, revitalizing, and rejuvenating my sense of me and purple was just what I needed!

While I'm super excited about my new hair, I'm also pretty excited about my new dress from Shabby Apple. I love everything from their store but this dress is a real beaut! No really, the name of the dress is Real Beaut! and it's a title that suits the dress well!

The way the dress hugs my curves just right, the neutral shade of the dress, and the super-duper soft material make this dress one of my favorites to wear no matter the occasion! I also really love this dress because it's conservative yet the waist adds a flirty flair, the perfect mixture of modern and vintage styles.

Have you heard of Shabby Apple? It's one of my favorite places to shop online! Check out the store and tell me which dress is your favorite! I've got my eye on the tulle skirts they just launched, I'm almost certain you will find me dancing around on the beach at sunset in one of those gorgeous skirts all summer long!

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