April 28, 2015

Celebrate Mother's Day with Thymes Fragrances

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

I have several moms in my life. Not in a weird sister-wives type of way, but I literally have a handful of females in my life who helped raise me. You know how they say it takes a village; well, it took a village (or a handful) of mother figures to raise this wild child. I'm so thankful for all the females in my life who have helped me become who I am today.

I have my real mom who is literally my best friend now, although we had our differences during my teen years (which seems pretty normal). She is the reason I have this entrepreneurial spirit, she's the reason I was brave enough to move to Florida and start fresh, she's literally inspired me to make my life into what it is today... and while I may never admit it to her, I'm a lot like her in some ways and I kind of appreciate that fact. She's been able to overcome so much in her lifetime and inspires me each and everyday to live life in a way that makes me happy, something that has truly made my life beautiful. She's incredible.

I have a sister who is almost a decade older than me and she definitely has played the role of my mother from time to time. While she didn't give birth to me, she helped to shape me into who I am today and has even taken me in under her roof in the past and provided for me. She's a rock in my life and while my mom is awesome, I love that my sister was always around to be my impromptu mom when I needed her. From waking up early to help me get ready for school to kicking my butt and forcing me into the job market when I was struggling with balance as a teen, she's literally done it all. She's now a mama to her own little one and I know her daughter will always feel safe, loved, and encouraged - because she always made me feel that way. She's amazing.

I have a "step-mom" that I love to pieces, she literally changed my life when she came into the picture a few years ago and for her I'm so thankful. She's not technically married to my dad, hence the quotation marks but that doesn't mean she isn't a mother to me as well. She may not have been around for my rebellious teenage years (lucky her), but she has definitely helped me in ways that I can't even begin to express... Bridging gaps, always wanting to grow our relationship, and treating me with love and respect. She's everything a step-mom should be and more. She's a blessing.

I also have a mother-in-law that has literally shown me the meaning of unconditional love. She's been in my life since I was in high school and she's taught me so many life lessons, even if she doesn't realize it. She's also blessed me with the most amazing thing in my life, my husband, so for that alone I'm forever grateful to her. Her passion for life, her dedication to her children, and her loving nature make her one of my favorite people in the world. She's inspiring.

I have a step mother-in-law as well. She is the definition of a loving mother to her children. She would do anything for her kids and has always extended that love to her entire family. Her style, her ability to love, and her passion for life are incredible to be around and I admire her for many reasons. She's awesome.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

While I plan to spoil each of my mother figures this mother's day, I'm sharing the presents I'm giving to two of them today so that you can get in on the fun. I won't be sharing who gets what yet because I don't want to ruin the surprise but I think they all will like their presents.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

With that said, one of the gifts is mermaid themed and I think the recepient will be pleased with the enticing Thymes Aqua Coralline candle and hand soap, two beach-y towel holders, and a mermaid printable made just for her (and you - download it for free here)! This printable stating "even mermaids wash their tails" is the perfect compliment to the Thymes soap!

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

The other lucky mama in my life will receive the feminine and fun Thymes Kimono Rose lotion and perfume set and candle with a printable encouraging her to "Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You" - the perfect encouraging and loving gift! You can download that printable for free here!

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

I can't wait to share these gifts with two lucky ladies, I may just head on over to Thymes website and order more for all the mama's in my life... I just need to decide which scent will work best for each woman first, the options are bountiful so I'll have to begin narrowing down my favorites with the free sample kit they scent over. Oh yeah, that's right, I haven't shared the best part yet - Thymes is hooking up each and every order over $25 with a free Fragrance Studio Sample kit (which includes 15 fragrances)!

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Haven't heard of Thymes before? Thymes is known for creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind fragrances. They take pride in thoughtfully curating every product and infusing touches of charm to make them truly special and uniquely Thymes - unlike any other perfume line on the market. The best way to describe fragrances made by times is natural, comforting scents refined with a sophisticated air. The minds behind Thymes are dreamers and doers, dedicated artisans driven to create beautiful things for others to discover, appreciate, and share. The best part of Thymes is that they opt for natural, high quality, plant-based ingredients instead of chemical ingredients whenever possible. They use botanical extracts with health enhancing nutrients, vitamins, and vital antioxidants - making wearing one of their fragrances a real pleasure.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Now that I've gushed about my favorite fragrance line, I'd love to know which one of Thymes fragrances do you want to try first? Which scent do you think your mother will like the most?

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