Ditch The Ick and Try Dry Spray

Today's discussion about these awesome dry spray deodorants is sponsored by Global Influence.

We've all had that horrible thing happen, the one when something is so glaringly obvious that everyone else can see it, but we just didn't notice it. It's pretty terrible, but it happens to everyone at least once. I'm talking about that dreaded deodorant stain on your favorite black dress (or shirt...or whatever) that you didn't notice before you left the house. It's a silly mistake but it happens.

I recently had a pretty awful mishap. There I was, heading out on the town with hubs for a little dinner date night and then I noticed it. White all over my favorite dress and of course, my dress was black. What in the world was all over me? I tried to wipe it off, only to find out it was deodorant... I had forgotten about applying it right before putting my dress on and embarrassingly enough stepped out on the town with white all over me. EEEEK, never again!


While I love my standard old deodorant, after walking around looking like a goofball on date night, I've decided I want to try something that won't cause stains on my dress. I'm super excited about the new Dry Spray Antiperspirants available at Walmart. With options from Degree, Dove, and Axe on the market, hubs and I will be smelling good without worrying about ruining clothing and now my LBD is without stains!

We've decided to ditch the ick and try something new and you should too! Since it goes on dry, you don't have to worry about waiting to put your LBD on for date night and it offers a whole new cleaner feel! Where will you wear your dry spray deodorant and what will you wear it with?


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