January 28, 2015

My Weight Loss Snack Time Secret: Special K Brownies + Before & During Weight Loss Photo Update

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K.

I know I've been talking a lot about indulgent foods and special treats the last few days and while I've allowed myself a little bit of the calorie-rich goodness I've shared recently, I'm still working on losing weight and trying to stay on track to meet my goals in 2015.


So many of us are working hard toward our goals this year and don't want the Superbowl or Valentine's Day or whatever other indulgent-rich occasion we may have coming up to ruin our diets with super fatty foods and indulgent recipes - well, I assume I'm not the only one, at least! So today I'm sharing my favorite treat to snack on while watching my figure and also giving a little picture update on my weight loss (so far) because what's better than sharing a before & during photo and the better-for-you brownies I've been eating WHILE I've been losing!


That's right, I've been snacking on these awesome 80 calorie pieces of happiness over the last few weeks and I'm still losing weight. I'm actually only down 1-2lbs since last time I updated but you can see a difference even if my weight is going down dramatically now. Losing weight feels really tough at times, especially when saying "no" to some of my favorite foods. That's why I'm OVERJOYED to have found Special K Brownies. Now I can have a brownie after dinner and not feel guilty. You may not believe that you can eat a brownie on a diet but thanks to Special K, you totally can. These delectable little delights come in two different flavors - Divine Fudge & Heavenly Caramel and honestly, I love them both... like I want a few boxes of these for Valentine's Day instead of a box of chocolate because YUM!


Made with real cocoa, chocolate or caramel chips, and topped with a drizzle of chocolate fudge - the perfect treat to munch on while on-the-go, since they come in little pouches. Special K Brownies are a girl-on-a-diet's dream come true. I keep a few in my purse at all times... because who knows when you're going to need/want a brownie? Am I right?


I've been caught snacking on Special K Brownies while hiking with the hubs, after a run on the beach, and even while hanging out bayside after a work out. The perfect way to reward yourself (but not load up on calories)!


Do you have any healthy snack time secrets to share? I'd love to hear what low-calorie snacks you like to "indulge" in...

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