January 11, 2015

Kick-start the New Year with KIN Community and The Laughing Cow®

Our discussion today about the #KickStartToANewYou Youtube Collab
is sponsored by The Laughing Cow® and KIN community!

It's that time of the year, the time when gyms are packed full of people, we see a surge in decluttering and organizing pins on pinterest, and well, almost everyone does some little tweak to their routine. We're all trying to stick with our New Years resolutions and this year KIN community is giving us tutorials on a little bit of everything lifestyle related to help all of us keep up a clean house, a healthy body, a balanced life, and a creative mind! 

My goals this year include eating healthier, working out more, focusing on getting my degree (WOOHOO), and working really, really hard on my blog. I'll be honest, so far I haven't implemented many changes in my routine but today is the day. I'm snacking healthy with The Laughing Cow Light Original Cheese and Spreads, I'm also going to squeeze in a little yoga practice so I'm mentally prepared for my first day of school tomorrow, and of course, I worked extra hard on a few upcoming posts for the blog.

It's all about a mindset and I'm super pumped about what I'll achieve this year after getting inspired by KIN Community's "New Year, New You" Playlist. It features all kinds of different videos to help you through out the year. So far, I think the "How To Stop Binge Eating" video may be the most helpful in my life, but the DIY Necklace Organizer is pretty amazing as well! What video is your favorite?

We all have a variety of resolutions we want to stick to this year and I truly believe if we all stay motivated, anything is possible. I'd love to hear more about your goals in 2015. This year, what do you hope to achieve, overcome, change, or even dream of?

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