January 24, 2015

DIY Party Favor Punchbox!

I'm huge into party planning, as you may already know, so when I decided to hand out prizes to my "Big Game" Party winners at my party, I knew I had to come up with a creative way to give out party favors in style. Then it came to me, a punchbox is the perfect way to give the "winners" of my game something special. Not sure what a punchbox is? Think of it as the brain child of a piñata and a standard goodie bag - the most fun ever for little kids or adults that have had a few after watching the football game and getting silly!

Making a punchbox is easy - you'll need a cardboard box, a great precision knife like this set I was given from +DIY Lifestyle Magazine, some tissue paper, red solo cups, and prizes! I decided to include Crunch Bars, Ring Pops (as championship rings for "The Big Game"), and gift cards as the real prize! Now let's get down to the fun, making this little punchbox!

Begin by tracing the top of the cup on the inside of the box, to make the guidelines for where to cut with your precision knife. Once you have traced the right amount of cups for guests attending the party - go ahead and use the knife to cut your holes.

Cover holes with tissue paper, strategically place the prizes inside the cup, tape cups and tissue paper to box once you have placed everything in it's spot.

Make sure everything is secure, flip your box over and decorate if you would like, it's that easy!

Have you ever seen a punchbox at any events you've attended? If you decide to make one for your party, I'd love to see it!

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